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Buy listing on ISA

Please note, I do not contact hyip administrators with exclusive offers or deals. My only site is and my only e-wallets: U2625028, P3731649, advcash: U286976275909, BTC: 1G9KvKsKquhzAU9Nk5dr1hBMtQ5G8PHJqN
If you were contacted by a person with suspicious details, be sure that it wasn't me. Thanks for understanding.

Back to business:
I think you already know that is a trusted source of information for HYIP players. Most of them know that I list only promising projects, as a result they like ISA.

So, do you have a business class project? Be sure that we have talked about you in the main chat already thanks to our smart members. The question is, which monitor will you choose?
Will you feed greedy monitor admins or will you choose your investors?

I require super low listing fee, but decent Insurance for your investors which you can get back within 10-20 days. So if you choose ISA, you will get the sympathy of hyip players, even some of them usually choose rcb monitors. The final result is the same. Our community affects investing habits of English based market. Show the first step - support your investors, not the monitor admins!

Are you looking for Reserved 5-star listing?
Real price (20days+) contains 250$ investment and 50$ listing fee => ∑300$
Insurance is required: 1000$ Refund after 20 days. Total price: 300+1000=∑1300$
You are welcome to offer even higher or longer insruance, contact me now to discuss the details.

Please note, R5 listing is reserved for industry leaders.
- A1D "after 1 day" projects can't be listed there
- no negative reports on
- no upcoming expiration wave of first deposits
- min. 3 e-wallets
- perfectly working script
- synchronized details
! get positive evaluation if you are wellknown or if I know you personally
+ free banner for one week till revocation
+ extra review on
+ close position to the main chatroom
+ 125x125 default banner instead screenshot

Are you looking for cost-effective Premium listing?
Real price contains 150$ investment and 25$ listing fee => ∑175$
Insurance is required: 700$ Refund after 15-20* days. Total price: 175+700=∑875$
Is your offer worth for our audience? Contact me now!

- perfectly working script
+ 125x125 default banner instead screenshot
+ free small banner for a week till revocation
+ possibility for upgrade if the community loves your project

Keep your expenses low in Normal listing
Real price contains 100$ investment and 10$ listing fee => ∑110$
Insurance is required: 500$ Refund after 10-20* days. Total price: ∑610$
Ensure your position now!

INCUBATOR, the only section for "sleeping projects". The listing can be purchased in automated mode right now.
- the "sleeper" can't have extra e-wallets like Payza, STP, Okpay, etc. or "green bar" - extended SSL
- "sleepers" can't have high ROI investment plan, nor "A1D" type - just because it's a fake sleeper and I am here to protect the community.

Listing fee Reinvestment Insurance Total amount Add program
Incubator $1.00 $100.00 $0.00 $101 List your program here

* The amount of insurance is refundable after 10/15/20 days:
Reserved 5-star = 20 days
Premium = 15 days or 20 - if the shortest investment plan is longer than 15 days
Normal = 10 days or 20 - if the shortest investment plan is longer than 10 days
This safety measure helps to build strong community here. If it is unpleasant for you, please don't proceed with your project! (Insurance guide)

Buy better visibility: Be Buy Sticky, be VISIBLE

Extra information regarding monitoring in English sources: Listing guide

The Agreement
I reserve the right to decline your listing request due to low quality, clear signs of scam, e.g. negative status on
Just the Insurance is refundable, this is why I recommend to contact me first, mainly if your project is older, unstable, having script problems, limitations or other negative marks.

The incubator section is reserved for projects without active campaign mainly with basic template wihout high ROI investment plans or tricky intentions. It is not the place for ready and well monitored projects. Do not break this rule, no refund is given.

If your program starts to pay selectively or stops paying at all, I will move it to Problem status and remove your banner. In case of non positive changes your program will appear in Scam section.

You understand that positive review is not claimable, it equals to class of the project, highlights all positive and negative sides.
Good job = good review, that's simple. is the only place to buy listing or banner instantly. Do not pay in advance, do not pay to any account used in emails! I am not responsible for such losses.