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Clemenbit has stopped paying, submit your compensation request! Source currency: 1400$ PM

Apr-22-2017 02:10:38 AM

The insurance from Eveles

The insurance from Eveles was shared at 53%

Apr-21-2017 11:44:25 AM


Tvorim-dobro has purchased R5 listing. The insurance is active in next 30 days ($2.5k PM)

Apr-18-2017 05:24:13 PM

Rubi LTD

Rubi has stopped paying, do not invest there!

Apr-18-2017 08:01:09 AM


Gamebet can't continue, submit your compensation request. Source: 4000$ PM

Apr-17-2017 01:53:11 AM

The insurance from Orscorp

The insurance block from Orscorp has been published, contact me now if you have any issue. You have min. 12h to do this. Then I will start with calculation and I won't rewrite the whole block once it is ready because it was so much time to check and edit almost every request...
*** sharing is done, rate 43.7%

Apr-14-2017 04:28:43 PM


Eveles was a very fast scam, submit your compensation request! Source currency: 1.7BTC

Apr-14-2017 04:44:18 AM

The insurance from StrangeEvent

The insurance from StrangeEvent has been shared at 35.9%

Apr-9-2017 08:15:47 AM


Flexibit has stopped paying after new changes, do not invest there!

Apr-9-2017 06:40:56 AM

The insurance form for Orscorp

The insurance form for Orscorp has been enabled, submit your request through the form on the blog.

Apr-8-2017 06:54:19 AM