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ccc8 has been upgraded from Incubator to Normal section. No active insurance. I did not allowed higher position due to claiming to work with questionable payment processors.

Jan-31-2019 11:07:42 PM has stopped paying, submit your compensation request on the blog. Source currency: 1400$ Payeer. Maximal coverage: 100$/0.028BTC per investor this time.

Jan-31-2019 07:08:07 PM


Luminex - the insurance has been shared at 100% rate. Better luck next time!

Jan-19-2019 08:30:13 PM - the insurance has been disabled, but all my referrals remain insured. Reason: The admin refused my request about increasing the original insurance by 600$ to have 2k, since my referrals invested 6k in first 6 days. He said NO, so I disabled RCB and disabled insurance as well. This is interesting quality of admin - he rather lose 1.4k than spending 600$ more to save 2k.

Jan-18-2019 07:05:57 PM


Luminex check your requests on the forum and contact me if yours is wrong - last call before sharing.

Jan-18-2019 08:31:51 AM


BlueSky the insurance has been shared - 100% rate.

Jan-16-2019 09:56:38 PM


BlueSky - check your requests on the blog, last call before sharing!

Jan-15-2019 12:19:31 AM


Luminex the insurance form is active! Submit your requests now! Source: 0.37628BTC

Jan-14-2019 10:25:30 PM has purchased Premium listing on 13/Jan. The insurance is active for 20 days in full = 1400$ Payeer. Then 50% will be active for another 20 days. Maximal coverage: 100$/0.028BTC per investor this time.

Jan-13-2019 05:42:47 PM


q-pro-bit has stopped paying, do not invest there!

Jan-12-2019 09:06:11 AM