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BlackRoyal has purchased Normal listing on 16/May. The insurance is active for 10 days (900$ PM). The maximal deposit limit is quite low, hope it is a good sign.

May-16-2017 05:14:36 PM


RobinHood has stopped paying, submit your compensation request on the blog. Source of insurance: 2000$ Payeer

May-16-2017 04:44:17 PM

The insurance from Detron

The insurance from Detron has been shared at 100%. Some funds left from this insurance and it will be used at next insurance event if the rate will be lower than 100%.

May-11-2017 03:59:35 PM

Detron insurance -

Detron insurance - last call before sharing. Check your request on the forum and contact me if needed. You have min. 12 hours to contact me, but usually I wait one day.

May-10-2017 12:24:05 PM


Bandeira is no longer problematic, but definitely not fast to pay. It can take sometimes more than 2 days. I hope the admin will fix the history page very soon because the withdrawals do not include any useful information about the sender...

May-9-2017 03:12:57 PM


Detron has stopped paying, submit your compensation request. Source currency 2500$ PM.

May-7-2017 01:01:44 PM


Robinhood has been upgraded from Normal to R5. The insurance is active for 20 days (2k Payeer)

May-7-2017 09:46:05 AM

The insurance from tvorim-dobro

The insurance from tvorim-dobro was shared at 91% in most cases. The rate of late requests was lower with 50%.

May-5-2017 11:43:40 AM


RichmondBerks has stopped paying, do not invest there!

May-1-2017 02:50:01 PM


Tvorim-dobro has stopped paying with cheap excuse. Make screenshots NOW and RESUBMIT your request! Previous requests are deleted, because TD is online again, so I require login details as well. Source currency: 2500$ PerfectMoney

May-1-2017 07:33:03 AM