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The insurance from Rewardtable

The insurance from Rewardtable has been shared at 100% rate. Low btc amounts weren't processed, these investors can choose another currency.

Jan-1-2018 10:19:19 PM


Rewardtable - last call before sharing. Check your requests on the forum. You have time to contact me till 1/Jan if you think there is something wrong with your request. Do not forget, from now you pay transaction fee - reread the rules.

Dec-30-2017 11:39:49 PM


Tudor-games has purchased Normal listing on 30/Dec. The insurance is active for 20 days. Source currency: 900$ PerfectMoney.

Dec-30-2017 10:46:24 AM


Rewardtable - the insurance form is enabled on the blog for 5 days this time, submit your requests.

Dec-25-2017 02:35:46 PM

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas for all of you :) Spend your time on family in last days of the year!

Dec-24-2017 01:25:43 PM


Investellect pays instantly just low amounts, do not invest there!

Dec-24-2017 01:18:42 PM


Rewardtable seems to be problematic as well - no movements, no answer from admin. Hope he just missed my mail, fingers crossed.

Dec-21-2017 08:51:08 PM


Investellect - the game is near to its end, do not invest there! The admin forces investors to withdraw via bank transfer even 300-400$. They won't get it, but meanwhile the admin started to pay small amounts instantly to hide the previous fact.

Dec-21-2017 08:41:25 PM

The insurance from Bitrade

The insurance from Bitrade has been shared at 100% rate. The rest amount will be moved to our insurance reserve.

Dec-18-2017 11:09:49 PM


Bitrade - last call before sharing, check your request on the forum. If you think something is wrong with your request, leave a public comment on the forum, Baupaid will answer you for sure.

Dec-17-2017 12:08:19 AM