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Bitluna can't continue to due system leak. You will be able to claim compensation once Razzleton's is shared. Source currency: $2000Advcash
Meanwhile you can prepare screenshots.

Mar-16-2017 06:31:15 AM

The insurance from Dark-coins

The insurance from Dark-coins was shared at 74%

Mar-15-2017 05:00:43 PM


Dowerly has stopped paying, hope you haven't invest in crazy "after-plans".

Mar-15-2017 09:09:42 AM


Razzleton has stopped paying. Submit your compensation request!
Source currencies: $1k Perfectmoney + $9k Payeer

Mar-15-2017 07:19:20 AM

Insurance rules.

Please follow the insurance rules, in other case your compensation request won't be listed and you lose the chance to got something back.
I excluded those who gave wrong login details, dc... usernames, totally wrong calculation and those who made just 1-2 withdrawals if there were several days available. You can contact me and ask the exact reason. I am spending lot of hours by checking these requests, don't you have 15 minutes for me to submit a correct request which will be good not for me, but for you?!

Mar-14-2017 08:19:44 PM


RisingBTC has purchased Premium listing on 14/March. The insurance is active for 15 days. Source currency: 1.13BTC

Mar-14-2017 08:58:40 AM


PassiveLoan has purchased Reserved 5-star listing on 14/March. The insurance is active for 115 days - till 7/July/2017. Source currency: 1.61BTC

Mar-14-2017 07:10:46 AM


Dark-coins has stopped paying, submit your compensation request. Source: 700$ BTC

Mar-12-2017 05:30:59 PM has purchased Premium listing on 10/March. The insurance is active in next 20 days. Source: 1400$ PM

Mar-10-2017 09:03:00 AM


CoffeeWealth can't continue due to limitations at, please do not invest there!

Mar-9-2017 09:51:57 AM