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Rubi LTD has extended

Rubi LTD has extended the insurance for 20 days. Source currency 1000$ Perfectmoney.

Feb-9-2017 08:13:36 AM

.BIZ domain

.BIZ domain is just a temporary solution while the main monitor is down, do not claim RCB here at .BIZ website.

Feb-8-2017 06:04:12 PM


Datebitcoin has stopped paying, do not invest there! Submit your compensation request. Source currency: 1 Bitcoin

Feb-3-2017 03:58:58 PM

All new RCB requests

All new RCB requests were deleted due to server changes. You can resubmit the missing RCB requests. Bad intentions will be honored by banning without any right for RCB nor insurance.

Feb-3-2017 02:42:12 PM


CoffeeWealth has purchased Premium listing on 2/Feb/2017. The insurance is active in next 20 days (700$ BTC)

Feb-2-2017 09:02:28 AM


Congratulation for 10 winners of January's extravaganza! Enjoy the prize and invest wisely!

Feb-1-2017 03:21:48 PM


SportArb has purchased R5 listing on 29/Jan/2017. The insurance is active in next 50 days ($1k BTC).

Jan-29-2017 05:32:31 PM

The insurance from Diverseclub

The insurance from Diverseclub was shared at max rate and the rest was moved to our game prize (24/Jan)

Jan-24-2017 03:59:56 AM

Diversification club

Diversification club has stopped paying, submit your compensation request! Make screenshot about your transactions if you failed to make screenshot while the site was up. Source currency: 1000USD Payeer

Jan-18-2017 03:10:28 PM

Rubi LTD

Rubi LTD has purchased R5 listing on 18/Jan/2017. The insurance is active in next 20 days (1k PM)

Jan-18-2017 10:06:15 AM