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Btg-ltd insurance -

Btg-ltd insurance - last call before sharing. Contact me in next 12 hours via email if you have any issue with your listed request.

Jun-18-2017 04:54:13 PM has stopped paying, do not invest there! Unfortunately the insured period is over. I noticed that almost nobody invested in last days, so the admin closed the shop. Now we know that he had no intention to attract investors via other channels, so big thumbs down for him. Nobody reached profit (first guys were close to BEP), so we can say this admin was really weak, not worth to deal with... Please let me know if you recognize his next project.

Jun-18-2017 03:42:06 PM

The insurance from Newton

The insurance from Newton has been shared at 100%.

Jun-16-2017 03:40:07 PM


Investellect has purchased normal listing on 16/Jun. The insurance is active for 20 days. Source currency: 0.3232BTC

Jun-16-2017 11:43:01 AM

Btg-ltd insurance -

Btg-ltd insurance - the form is active, submit your request on the blog! Sourcce currency: 0.375BTC

Jun-14-2017 03:29:21 PM

Newton insurance -

Newton insurance - last call before sharing, check your request on the forum! You have min. 12 hours to contact me, but usually one day, please be on time.

Jun-14-2017 03:25:11 PM

Satoshi Investments

Satoshi Investments has purchased Premium listing on 14/Jun. The insurance is active for 20 days. Source currency: 0.511BTC

Jun-14-2017 10:41:14 AM


Btg-ltd has stopped paying, make screenshots! The insurance form will be enabled after Newton. Follow the news please. Source currency: 0.375BTC

Jun-13-2017 04:07:31 PM

The insurance from Royal-fx

The insurance from Royal-fx was shared at 100%. I hope this bad season will end soon.

Jun-12-2017 04:29:31 PM

The insurance form

The insurance form for Newton has been enabled, submit your request on the blog!

Jun-11-2017 03:40:08 PM