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News - withdrawals are not instant anymore, make screenshots! Insurance source: 1400$ Payeer

Mar-9-2018 07:56:33 PM


AlgoProfit has stopped paying completely, do not invest there!

Mar-7-2018 03:24:13 PM


AlgoProfit is having problem with Payeer, do not invest till the problem exists.

Mar-5-2018 12:25:11 PM has been upgraded from Incubator to Normal. The insurance is active for 10 days. Source: 1400$ Payeer

Mar-1-2018 05:52:26 AM


MediumPlatformCoin increased the insurance by 600$ ADV, now we have 1.5k in total.

Feb-26-2018 10:39:23 AM


MediumPlatformCoin has purchased Normal listing on 23/Feb. The insurance is active for 15 days. Source currency: 900$ ADV.
Please note, normal listings have 100$ coverage per investor.

Feb-23-2018 01:02:31 PM

The insurance from DiamondR

The insurance from DiamondReserve was shared at 70.4%.
5 persons were compensated at 100% thank to their activity. They are active voters on ISA.

Feb-20-2018 08:22:42 PM

The insurance from Tatwex

The insurance from Tatwex has been shared at 100% rate. The insurance from DR will be shared in few hours.

Feb-20-2018 10:28:51 AM

Tatwex & Diamondreserve

Tatwex & Diamondreserve - last call before sharing. Check your requests on the forum.

Feb-18-2018 11:19:40 PM

The insurance from BitXgroup

The insurance from BitXgroup has been shared at 100% rate thanks to insurance reserve.

Feb-15-2018 08:46:32 PM