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STRANGE EVENT has extended the insurance with 15 days.

Mar-3-2017 12:00:41 PM

Insurance rules.

Due to high volume of compensation requests I excluded those who did not withdraw any money even it is one of the rules... The following investors were excluded: iamarobot, Angelomeazza82, mezozoli, roi30, fliering, littlefat, kartupelis007, mjs4525
You can say that it is not fair, but I am usually as fair as you are. I recommend to follow the rules.
Some investors were so lazy to help me with conversion of their btc investment to dollars (Petrolia was not a btc-only project), so the basic rate will be applied for them (1k), and +200$ from my pocket for correct requests, so their rate will be a little bit higher.

Mar-3-2017 07:50:46 AM


Bandeira is back and paying. At least some positive news...

Mar-2-2017 06:22:56 PM


Extravaganza! Again we have 7 lucky winners, congratulations :)
Contact me through your registered ISA/ISAF email and include your desired wallet ID.

Mar-1-2017 04:57:11 PM


Petrolia has stopped paying, do not invest there!Submit your compensation request! Source: 1000$ Perfectmoney
I am really disappointed by this cheap admin... Do not trust any coder, they are working with zero expenses...

Feb-28-2017 12:30:34 PM


Zinc7 has stopped paying and probably faking withdrawals, do not invest there. I am sorry that it has ended in such cheap way...

Feb-28-2017 09:32:27 AM


MacaoLotto has reactivated the insurance. Now it will be active forever (1000USD Advcash).

Feb-27-2017 01:06:10 PM


Zinc7 is having problem with doubled earnings due to new bonuses. Meanwhile withdrawals are not processed like before. Do not invest while till the situation is not clear.

Feb-27-2017 06:24:00 AM


Dark-coins has purchased Premium listing on 22/Feb. The insurance is active for 30 days (700$ BTC).

Feb-22-2017 05:34:10 PM


Today Petrolia has been upgraded from Incubator to Premium listing. The insurance is active in next 20 days (1000$ PM)

Feb-20-2017 03:45:56 PM