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The insurance from UKPME

The insurance from UKPME was shared at 100% rate.

Sep-30-2017 07:51:23 PM


UKPME - last call before sharing. Check your request on the forum. You have one day to contact me via email if you think that your request is wrong.

Sep-29-2017 09:32:17 PM


Aptian has been upgraded from incubator to Premium category on 28/Sept. The insurance is active for 15 days. Source currency: 1400$ PM

Sep-28-2017 06:56:02 PM

Roly Investment

Roly Investment has stopped the game with server upgrade, do not invest there. There is still a little chance to come back, but I am skeptical.

Sep-28-2017 06:12:59 AM


COINREUM - the insurance is again active for 20 days.

Sep-28-2017 05:55:49 AM


UKPME has stopped paying, submit your compensation request on the blog. Source currency: 2000$ ADV

Sep-26-2017 05:57:30 PM


Alt-energy has stopped paying, do not invest there!

Sep-25-2017 11:15:28 AM

Good news

Good news for my referrals, our insurance reserve reached $7k+, hope you like it ;)

Sep-24-2017 09:22:56 PM

The insurance from BandeiraCoin

The insurance from BandeiraCoin has been shared at 100% - except few requests as explained on the forum. Please note, do not use compounding till the insurance is active. This time I applied just fines for using this because many investors had the compounding active. Usually it equals with disqualifying.

Sep-24-2017 08:45:10 AM


BandeiraCoin - last call before sharing. Contact me via email if you have any issue with your listed compensation request. You have one day to do it.

Sep-22-2017 11:29:27 AM