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Some projects were rejected again...

Some projects were rejected again... Is it worth to talk about them? I said no for Incrediblebitcoin, Wildcats, the deal wasn't successful even with Cryptoglory which offers too high referral commission (10~20%). When I told this to admin, he went to DN, wow...
Of course there are sometimes programs liked by me which are not listed here. Pascal for example, good luck for those who joined already!

Aug-22-2016 03:19:27 PM


Miaroi has stopped paying, do not invest there!

Aug-22-2016 03:09:17 AM


Coince has stopped paying completely, do not invest here! It was clear when the admin introduced the new short & high ROI investment plan. Hope you read us when we talked about and it helped to save some money.

Aug-21-2016 04:04:25 PM

Payouts are processed

Payouts are processed without problems at Bandeira!

Aug-18-2016 10:13:26 AM


FreightAge has purchased Normal listing on 17/Aug. The insurance is active in next 20 days (450$ PM)

Aug-17-2016 12:38:36 PM

The new investment plan

The new investment plan at Coince is alarming, do not invest there. It was downgraded to OnHold.

Aug-17-2016 04:36:15 AM

The insurance from Hydrosystems

The insurance from Hydrosystems was shared at 100% rate :)
The rest money from insurance (564$) will be shared in the end of August between most active members of ISA. I will publish it on our forum.

Aug-16-2016 03:13:32 PM


Hydrosystems has stopped paying, do not invest there! Now you can submit your compensation requests.
Btw the admin asked me continuously to pay back the difference due to downgrade, but it seems that was just another try to get back more and close the shop - but I haven't paid him, as I said, the insurance will be returned just after 20 days. So, I think at least the rate will reach 100% thanks to low attention.
Source currency: 800$ PerfectMoney

Aug-13-2016 04:23:54 PM


Etherfund has been upgraded to Premium category. The insurance is active in next 20 days (1000$ BTC)

Aug-10-2016 03:23:40 AM

Listing requests

Listing requests of fortuneglow & oilpower have been declined. I think you already know that I am not a fan of A1D projects, mainly in this season when the reinvest rate is so low. I would like to see my referrals earning.

Aug-8-2016 04:39:26 PM