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The insurance from Agilital

The insurance from Agilital was shared at 92%.

Oct-12-2016 08:15:31 AM

Now you can submit

Now you can submit your compensation request for Screenshots are really mandatory this time.
Source: 8 Bitcoins

Oct-12-2016 06:32:55 AM


If you are clueless regarding compensation from Agilital, then just follow these steps:
1) make screenshot about your deposit in your e-wallet user panel or search for confirmation email from Agilital in your email box
2) earnings started to be credited from next business day so now you can calculate the exact amount of withdrawals even it is more complicated due to fact that Agilital paid just on business days
3) I got notification emails as well, so you can be sure that I will check your request
4) do not send your compensation request by email, but through the official form on the blog

Oct-9-2016 04:32:53 AM


Lara has stopped paying. The insurance form will be enabled after Agilital's.

Oct-8-2016 05:41:00 PM


Agilital has stopped paying. Submit your compensation request. Source currency: PerfectMoney (600$)

Oct-8-2016 05:39:42 PM


ClickCredit has purchased Premium listing on 8/Oct. The insurance is active in next 20 days (600$ PM).

Oct-8-2016 04:09:25 AM


Mediacoin has purchased Normal listing on 8/Oct. The insurance is active for 15 days (450$ PM).

Oct-8-2016 02:27:15 AM

MS is paying instantly again.

MerchantShares is paying instantly again. FINALLY!

Oct-7-2016 04:51:04 PM

Finally MS is back.

Finally MerchantShares is back. Just deposits/withdrawals are disabled for a while. MS is always late, as we seen many times in the past ;)

Oct-2-2016 04:30:30 PM

The insurance from Revcoin

The insurance from Revcoin was shared at 48.5%

Oct-2-2016 08:12:15 AM