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I will be away

I will be away on 30 and 31 of July (wedding time), keep up the deposits earning :)

Jul-30-2016 01:56:58 AM

Listing request

Listing request of was declined due to risk level even it's really eye-catching project. I like bitron, but the investment plan gives high ROI within short time, also, the minimal investment starts at 0.1BTC.

Jul-29-2016 06:05:04 PM

Listing requests

Listing requests of xcbforex was declined due big pressure of first expiration wave (listings at MNO, ISA). I think Paul is happy now thanks to high listing fees, but will investors be happy as well?

Jul-28-2016 05:36:29 AM


Allinol has stopped paying, do not invest there! Allinol was monitored for 240 days, extending result, but the end always pains...

Jul-26-2016 08:47:40 AM

Listing requests

Listing requests of Unicoforex and Agroabsolute were declined. Agro looks better, but our communication has failed which is bad sign. This is why I preferred to decline even Agro even if it is a decent project this time.

Jul-23-2016 02:51:50 AM has purchased R5 listing on 21 of July. The insurance is active in next 20 days (800$ PM)

Jul-21-2016 08:37:36 AM


Coince has started to pay even slower, we can have just 1 active withdrawal. Not the best sign, but at least it is still paying...

Jul-20-2016 05:40:13 PM


UnidoTradesman was delisted from sleepers due to frequent problem reports. The admin says that the project will be finished in 3 days.

Jul-19-2016 10:58:06 AM


Cryptonus has stopped paying completely. The admin explained everything on, but who knows the truth...

Jul-19-2016 09:33:34 AM

Listing requests

Listing requests of Payingforever, BitesCapital and Fusionbtc were declined. The last one looks really good, but I think just the admin will make profit here. This summer is so weak. Zero reinvest rate guarantees that the principals won't be paid back on expiry, hope you agree, even the project looks f*king good...

Jul-16-2016 04:58:47 PM