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Some projects

Some projects have been declined as usual: Ukoscom, Profit7. Do not ask why ;)

Jun-7-2016 02:32:16 AM


Allinol was upgraded to R5: new investment plans, insurance (600$ PM)

Jun-6-2016 09:23:20 AM


Crazyfinance was declined as well, even he wanted to buy banner for a month. At lest the slogan should be correct... "Full fill your dreams"

Jun-5-2016 08:46:16 AM

Programmer is wanted!

Programmer is wanted! I need custom script for processing insurance and can't wait for GC guys longer. I have many requirements regarding this script, since it should handle listing, auto-checking if RCB is valid, processing with exchange fees and should be linked with my database (GC guys will do the last step).

Jun-5-2016 05:15:28 AM

Anxicapital, Royal-8, Bitcoinheaven

Anxicapital, Royal-8, Bitcoinheaven have been declined. Maybe I am wrong, but sometimes my 6th sense is right ;)

Jun-4-2016 06:31:51 AM


KapitalWorld is finally back, and continue with instant payments like before.

Jun-3-2016 01:48:19 AM


BTCinois back after DDoS and stopped paying, do not invest there!

Jun-2-2016 02:21:37 PM

SIX Spend

SIX Spend has purchased Premium listing on 2/Jun. The insurance is active in first 20 days (500$ PM) - until the counter does not reach zero.

Jun-2-2016 05:41:12 AM


CapitalProvision has stopped paying, do not invest there!

Jun-2-2016 03:07:15 AM


Appstorm has stopped paying, do not invest there! Shame that I returned the insurance in the morning and the admin scammed us in the evening... I asked him why, hope he will answer at least...

May-30-2016 04:06:23 PM