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Market7 has purchased Reserved 5-star listing on 2/May, but it was downgraded to Premium on the next day. The insurance is active in next 20 days (600$ PY).
The admin/support is extremely slow to answer and failed to upload the video which they promised in mass-email.

May-2-2016 02:38:29 PM

The insurance from Eternity

The insurance from Eternity was shared at 9.4% due to high inflow. I am also responsible for such low rate because I attracted even greater inflow due to my 1K deposit. I am really sorry guys, Eternity looked to be promising, but I try to be more selective...

May-2-2016 01:41:31 PM

The insurance from Pro3

The insurance from Pro3 was shared at 15.3% - at least something...

May-1-2016 04:15:17 PM


Top-score has purchased Normal listing on 1/May. The insurance is active in next 20 days (400$ PY).

May-1-2016 01:21:15 PM


Bitcoin365club has stopped paying, do not invest there!

May-1-2016 08:26:43 AM


Cryptonus has purchased Reserved 5-star listing on 1/May. The insurance is active in first 3 weeks (1000$ BTC).

Please note, Cryptonus doesn't have affiliate system, so the only way to being insured is the following:
- you can invest via BTC:
- or alternatively by Perfectmoney:
In both cases you have to write into memo-field during depositing "referred by ISA". It is easy to do at PerfectMoney, please check the following screenshot how to do it at Blockchain:
When you deposited, send me the screenshot about the transaction, where is visible the text, your e-wallet ID and time/date. I will store these details during 3 weeks, while the insurance is active. In case of negative event just these investors will be entitled to get compensation, hope you agree.

May-1-2016 07:46:48 AM

The insurance from Ondios

The insurance from Ondios was shared at 13%. Some members got higher rate because there were doubled requests and I found them just during the distribution.

Apr-30-2016 11:08:31 AM


Betstar has been upgraded to R5 section. The insurance is active in next 20 days (600$ PM).

Apr-30-2016 03:53:19 AM

Agilital Inc.

Agilital Inc. has purchased Reserved 5-star listing on 29/April. The insurance is active in first 20 days (600 PM).

Apr-29-2016 03:15:26 PM

Listing request of Angoladiamond

Listing request of Angoladiamond was declined. The admin bought Incubator listing one week ago and now contacted me again. He already hired all better monitors so I prefer to stay out of the game. Also, I heard some negative opinion from our members in the main chat so I decided to reject Angoladiamond. Also, other monitors do not waste their time with insurance, so they can accept each hyip. Good luck who already joined the game.

Apr-29-2016 10:24:34 AM