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The most important question

The most important question - visit my blog and vote now!

Apr-20-2015 09:08:04 PM


Brand Destiny has purchased Premium listing with 20days insurance, worth 350$.

Apr-13-2015 06:32:55 PM

The Insurance

The insurance from RealEast was shared at 48%

Apr-12-2015 10:54:44 PM


NaVseh was delisted due to admin's aggressive communication. It is really unpopular project and the admin became aggressive when I shared the situation with him, which I can't tolerate. If he blocks your account, you will be compensated from the insurance, just contact me!

Apr-9-2015 10:21:39 AM


ComexBrokerage has purchased Reserved 5-star listing with 20days Insurance, worth 400$.

Mar-23-2015 11:57:32 AM


MerchantShares was upgraded to R5 thanks to excellence past performance. This kind of admins we need, thumbs up!

Mar-21-2015 09:32:18 AM

Due to Black February

Due to Black February I was forced to change the structure of Insurance. I would rather have less, but quality new projects.

Feb-12-2015 02:39:19 AM

Happy New Year

Happy New Year and wish you more profits in 2015!!!

Dec-31-2014 10:41:45 AM

I wish you a Merry Christmas!

I wish you a Merry Christmas:

Dec-24-2014 06:03:15 AM


CEXwas downgraded to Normal listing, I am able to earn just cents/month since the value of BTC fell, sad to see...

Dec-13-2014 06:57:46 PM