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Allibio has upgraded to Reserved 5-star section. The insurance is active in first 20 days (400$ PM)

Dec-17-2015 12:50:29 PM


InvestRelief has stopped paying, bad surprise...

Dec-16-2015 09:18:09 PM

The listing request of

The listing request of was declined.

Dec-15-2015 10:59:10 PM


PrimeBankers has stopped paying, submit your compensation request. The insurance is held in Payza and will be shared just on 19th of December mainly because Payza can reverse any transaction.

Dec-14-2015 06:15:38 PM


Fenix-group has purchased R5 listing. The insurance is active in first 20 days (400$ PM)

Dec-11-2015 02:03:37 PM


AlbionUnion was added by me to R5 listing thanks to great past performance. No insurance comes with my picks, but I hope you like it.

Dec-10-2015 03:45:00 PM


PrimeBankers has been upgraded to R5. The insurance is again active for 20 days (400$ Payza / 9DEC)

Dec-9-2015 08:01:16 PM

Newlife88 wanted to buy R5 listing.

The listing request of Newlife88 to R5 was declined. I will never list such project with basic GC layout to R5 section.

Dec-5-2015 10:09:46 PM

The listing request of Luxifior

The listing request of Luxifior was declined. I do not need another fast scam here.

Dec-4-2015 08:46:37 PM

The insurance from Spectrum5

The insurance from Spectrum5 was shared at 70.0%. I know that some requests weren't listed, but those guys also had 3 days to talk with me. Better luck next time.

Nov-29-2015 10:56:49 PM