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The insurance from PassiveLoan

The insurance from PassiveLoan has been shared at 86.5%, which is not bad at all thanks to insurance from Razzleton.

Mar-25-2017 01:41:11 PM

The insurance form for

The insurance form for has been enabled. Submit your compensation request!
Source: 1400$ PM

Mar-25-2017 07:27:08 AM


MacaoLotto has stopped paying, meanwhile make screenshots! The form will be enabled after PL and Sorta. Source: 1000$ Advcash

Mar-24-2017 03:30:26 AM


Lensengroup is affected as well and stopped paying. Do not invest there! Unfortunately LG has no active insurance...

Mar-23-2017 08:35:28 AM has stopped paying, make screenshots! The insurance form will be enabled after PassiveLoan's. Source: 1400$ PM

Mar-22-2017 10:17:49 AM

The insurance from Bitluna

The insurance from Bitluna was shared at 100%. Better luck next time for all of us!

Mar-22-2017 05:29:11 AM


PassiveLoan has stopped paying on 20/March. Now you can submit your compensation request (22/March).
Source currency: 1.61BTC, 950PM, + some extra money from Razzleton (Payeer)

Mar-20-2017 03:36:50 PM

The insurance from Razzleton

The insurance from Razzleton has been shared at 100%. The rest money will be used at Bitluna. I am sorry for those who invested in crazy after-plans, gave wrong login details or submitted totally wrong requests. Also, many of you were in profit thanks to previous investments.

Mar-18-2017 06:22:23 PM

The insurance form for Bitluna

The insurance form for Bitluna is now enabled, submit your requests. Source currency: 2000$ Advcash + some Payeer $ from Razzleton (will see the exact amount soon)

Mar-18-2017 05:09:36 PM


Tree7 decided to give insurance forever (2k Advcash). I am moving it back to R5 section.

Mar-18-2017 02:56:49 AM