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Honor has purchased R5 listing with insurance which is valid for first 20 days

Aug-14-2015 12:59:09 PM


Wiselofxgroup joined the Normal listing with insurance for 15 days.

Aug-13-2015 03:38:10 PM


BitcoinChain was moved to Scam. The admin applied crazy withdrawal limitations. You were able to withdraw just 50$ daily, 30$ per transaction, max 3 transactions. Does it sound bad? Sure! Then he disabled the withdrawal page - it's a clear sign of scam. I am sorry guys... We were worked hard to get the industry back on track, then such kind of cheap admins abuse the situation. They still don't understand that if they don't allow you to earn, they will got less investors next time...

Aug-12-2015 08:48:40 PM

From now email confirmation is required

From now email confirmation is required to place a vote on ISA to reduce the volume of fake voters.

Aug-11-2015 02:34:02 PM

The admin of Great-trade

The admin of Great-trade upgraded his project to R5* listing after 1st successful cycle.

Aug-10-2015 05:38:22 PM


ArbitGo was hacked, PM funds were stolen. It was a really promising program, so I am shocked as well. Unfortunately we can't predict 3rd party affects. He tried his best, but the fortune decided faster this time. He refunded some members as well and some pending withdrawals were processed. Unfortunately not every member can get a refund since it was a hyip and we always take the risk...

Aug-10-2015 05:29:30 PM

It's nice to see that

It's nice to see that PokerAutomatics bought static 728x90 banner for 22 weeks (10/Aug)

Aug-10-2015 01:05:40 AM

c-7 limited

c-7 limited was moved to Scam. Many investors joined trough Incubator even it wasn't a sleeper. Guys, why? We warned you each day in the main chat. From now ready projects can't join the Incubator.

Aug-4-2015 12:13:51 PM


4finance was added by me, there is a chance to reach the green zone, even principals won't be returned.

Aug-4-2015 11:30:07 AM


CryptoConomist was moved to scam, my monitor button was replaced for static image with Paying status, but other monitors still show Paying...

Aug-1-2015 09:20:39 AM