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Due to Black February

Due to Black February I was forced to change the structure of Insurance. I would rather have less, but quality new projects.

Feb-12-2015 02:39:19 AM

Happy New Year

Happy New Year and wish you more profits in 2015!!!

Dec-31-2014 10:41:45 AM

I wish you a Merry Christmas!

I wish you a Merry Christmas:

Dec-24-2014 06:03:15 AM


CEXwas downgraded to Normal listing, I am able to earn just cents/month since the value of BTC fell, sad to see...

Dec-13-2014 06:57:46 PM


My deposit has expired, the admin is not interested in paid services so it appears in Out of Deposit section with default Waiting status. It was good project, I am satisfied even I needed nearly 5 months to reach 150%. (9/Dec)

Dec-9-2014 09:24:58 PM

A must read article on the blog

A must read article on the blog - it is worth reading!

Nov-29-2014 03:32:02 PM


IconInvest was listed in Premium section. It is my pick, so no insurance comes with it. Play safe and have a luck!

Nov-27-2014 06:32:36 PM


WealthManager was added by me, so no insurance comes with it. I hope it will be profitable long term project, fingers crossed!

Oct-28-2014 06:15:38 PM


5gulden delivered the most expensive video what I ever seen for forex program:

Oct-13-2014 10:13:16 PM


PokerAutomatics was upgraded to Reserved 5-star with insurance - good sign.

Sep-20-2014 08:26:38 PM