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Newlife88 wanted to buy R5 listing.

The listing request of Newlife88 to R5 was declined. I will never list such project with basic GC layout to R5 section.

Dec-5-2015 10:09:46 PM

The listing request of Luxifior

The listing request of Luxifior was declined. I do not need another fast scam here.

Dec-4-2015 08:46:37 PM

The insurance from Spectrum5

The insurance from Spectrum5 was shared at 70.0%. I know that some requests weren't listed, but those guys also had 3 days to talk with me. Better luck next time.

Nov-29-2015 10:56:49 PM

The insurance from Vegas

The insurance from Vegas was shared at 67%.

Nov-29-2015 01:14:35 PM


Allinol has purchased Premium listing. The insurance is active in first 20 days (PM 350$).

Nov-29-2015 10:12:11 AM


Spectrum5 was moved to Scam submit your compensation requests. The insurance is held in PerfectMoney.

Nov-27-2015 11:19:43 PM

Seems like the admin of Vegas

Seems like the admin of Vegas forgot to breathe, submit your compensation request. The insurance is held in PerfectMoney.

Nov-27-2015 11:21:49 AM

The insurance from CryptoSynergy

The insurance from CryptoSynergy was shared at 79.2% rate. I wish better luck with your next investments!

Nov-25-2015 01:37:13 PM


InvestRelief has upgraded to Reserved 5-star section with insurance for another 20 days (400$). I like this progress.

Nov-25-2015 09:44:53 AM

The insurance from Arbitro

The insurance from Arbitro was shared at 44.4%+. Some guys got more from my own pocket. Better luck next time - or contact me before depositing.

Nov-23-2015 10:20:30 PM