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Antoxan has been upgraded to Premium listing, the insurance is active in next 15 days.

Feb-14-2016 02:12:10 PM

The insurance from LondonFinance

The insurance from LondonFinance was shared at 14%. So many investors joined LF, so the final rate is so low...

Feb-14-2016 02:11:08 PM


CopperTradePro has purchased Normal listing. The insurance is active in first 20 days (300$ PM)

Feb-14-2016 09:39:11 AM


OrientOrganization has stopped paying - maybe due to presence of new C7 (?). Submit your compensation request, the source-currency of insurance: PerfectMoney.

Feb-13-2016 03:01:33 PM


Kingof2016 has stopped paying. The domain usually has contradict meaning...

Feb-13-2016 02:44:31 PM

Club Cash Cow

Club Cash Cow has purchased Premium listing, the insurance is active in first 15 days (350$ PM).

Feb-11-2016 11:27:45 AM


LondonFinance has scammed, what a cheap admin... Place your compensation request. I will need an extra screenshot about your active investments, since you are insured just up to 5-days plan.

Feb-10-2016 09:13:26 AM

United Finance Group

United Finance Group has stopped paying, do not invest there!

Feb-9-2016 01:57:20 PM

Listing requests of Forexstrategy and Ova-trade

Listing requests of Forexstrategy and Ova-trade have been rejected.
FS: extreme inflow - high risk in my eyes
Ova: just a request, no answer at all
I do not prefer to list all available hyips, even some members don't like it...

Feb-8-2016 09:25:35 PM


OrientOrganization has been upgraded to Reserved 5-star section. The insurance is active for 20 days (400$ PM)

Feb-8-2016 07:55:03 AM