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AlbionUnion is paying selectively,

AlbionUnion is paying selectively, do not invest there...

Apr-7-2016 04:55:59 PM


Betstar has purchased Premium listing on 5th/April, but with Sticky position. The insurance is active in next 15 days (1k PM)

Apr-5-2016 05:08:58 PM


Wealth Mill has purchased Premium listing on 4th of April. The insurance is active in next 15 days (500$ PM)
The admin is my old "hyip" friend whom I trust. But do not forget, A1D hyips are the riskiest, so invest only what you can afford to lose.

Apr-4-2016 03:20:35 PM

Message for Vitalreturn:

Message for Vitalreturn: I do not accept trash, try other monitors (3/April)

Apr-3-2016 06:17:19 AM


Givmitrading has upgraded its position from Incubator to Premium listing on 3rd of April. The insurance is active in next 20 days (400$ PM).

Apr-3-2016 04:28:46 AM


MerchantShares is getting back on track, PM withdrawals are already instant. Hope they will enable withdrawing to all e-wallets soon.

Mar-31-2016 04:24:28 PM

Problems at Amazing5

Problems at Amazing5 were solved, it is back on track!

Mar-31-2016 01:50:02 AM


Free-shares has stopped paying, do not invest there! Unfortunately the insurance was already returned to admin... Free-shares wasn't so popular and seems it was managed by 2nd class admin...

Mar-28-2016 10:05:36 AM

The insurance from Bitarbs

The insurance from Bitarbs was shared at 24% rate.

Mar-25-2016 10:09:27 AM

Email delivery

Email delivery works again, now you can find notification emails, hope not in spam folder ;)

Mar-23-2016 01:39:12 PM