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IconInvest was listed in Premium section. It is my pick, so no insurance comes with it. Play safe and have a luck!

Nov-27-2014 06:32:36 PM


WealthManager was added by me, so no insurance comes with it. I hope it will be profitable long term project, fingers crossed!

Oct-28-2014 06:15:38 PM


5gulden delivered the most expensive video what I ever seen for forex program:

Oct-13-2014 10:13:16 PM


PokerAutomatics was upgraded to Reserved 5-star with insurance - good sign.

Sep-20-2014 08:26:38 PM

MS Investment

MS Investment has purchased Reserved 5-star listing. I have kept my eyes on MS almost from the start so I am happy that it is finally listed here.

Sep-2-2014 07:15:40 PM

B profit

B profit was added to Normal listing. This is the newest low-class project from the same admin. His previous projects were good and some of them are still paying, this is why I listed B profit as well.

Aug-30-2014 12:06:25 PM


Registering is more easier now, no confirmation email is required due to poor email delivery on Koddos.

Aug-5-2014 08:37:13 PM

Ogden and FundCorp

Ogden and FundCorp were added to Normal listing.

Jul-24-2014 12:06:19 PM


MerchantShares was added to Premium listing. It is old and quite "safe" investment project. I tested it for few days so I can confirm instant withdrawals including STP!

Jul-21-2014 08:55:51 AM


CEX was added to Reserved 5-star section. It is an outstanding cryptocurrency mining/trading project. You can check the beta review, I will update it soon.

Jul-14-2014 11:43:45 AM