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NANO67 has purchased Sticky for 20 days (1K insurance - source SolidTrustPay!)

Nov-5-2015 04:37:46 PM

Honor has stopped paying.

Honor: has stopped paying. New high ROI plan is always a warning sign! Submit your comp.request if you aren't in profit. Please do screenshots while Honor is accessible! The insurance is hold in PerfectMoney currency.

Nov-2-2015 02:32:32 PM

Shocking news from Fortune.

Shocking news from Fortune: it has been closed prematurely due to many bugs in the new template/script. But why the admin wasn't able to fix them? It's incredible...

Oct-31-2015 09:19:17 AM


CryptoSynergy has purchased R5 listing with insurance (400$), which is active in first 20 days.

Oct-31-2015 08:54:37 AM

The insurance

The insurance from MutualTrust was shared at min. 46%.

Oct-29-2015 09:22:04 PM


Salipay has purchased Reserved 5-star listing. Insurance: 400$ in first 20 days.

Oct-27-2015 10:14:05 PM

MutualTrust and ProfitUnity

MutualTrust has stopped paying. MT was insured - submit your request if you weren't in profit. ProfitUnity has stopped paying as well, but it's an older program, the insurance wasn't active when it scammed.

Oct-26-2015 08:50:40 PM

Finally I moved Carbon7

Finally I moved Carbon7 to Scam. The program of the year has definitely collapsed, hope you are in profit! (28/Oct)

Oct-26-2015 12:30:57 PM

The insurance from Cryptotech

The insurance from Cryptotech was shared at 77.1%

Oct-25-2015 09:52:41 PM


PokerAdv has purchased Reserved 5-star listing with Insurance which is active in first 20 days (400$).

Oct-22-2015 01:44:48 PM