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Listing request of Danieljohns

Listing request of Danieljohns has been declined.

Feb-6-2016 04:15:59 PM

London Finance

London Finance has purchased Premium listing, the insurance is active in first 15 days (350$)

Feb-5-2016 10:15:50 AM

Bitage Corporation

Bitage Corporation has stopped paying, do not invest there!

Feb-4-2016 07:47:36 AM


StartupInsider has stopped paying, do not invest there!

Feb-3-2016 09:48:51 AM


PokerIron has stopped paying, do not invest there!

Feb-2-2016 07:37:22 AM


Fenix-group has stopped paying, do not invest there!

Jan-26-2016 07:51:13 AM


OrientOrganization has been upgraded to Premium section. The insurance is active for 15 days (350$ PM)

Jan-25-2016 01:14:35 PM


KingOf2016 was moved to Normal listing by me thanks to great design; no insurance at this event.

Jan-24-2016 11:49:14 AM

Listing requests of forexgroupltd

Listing requests of forexgroupltd was rejected. Hope you know that if I need just the listing fee and the daily earnings even for few days, I would accepted this project. But I have many and so great projects on ISA, so I do not more average projects at the moment.

Jan-21-2016 02:52:10 PM

Listing requests of dominican-ltd

Listing requests of dominican-ltd was rejected. I think we have enough projects on ISA, why to have more and not so attractive projects? Do you agree?

Jan-18-2016 02:54:21 PM