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Honor has active insurance for 60 days in Sticky category - great news.

Oct-21-2015 07:20:00 AM

New listing category:

New listing category: STICKY - with 1k insurance is now available! Find more details on the blog!

Oct-20-2015 07:51:10 PM


Cryptotech has stopped paying, submit your compensation request if you weren't in profit.

Oct-19-2015 09:18:09 PM

Listing request of

Listing request of Grand-rialto was declined. The admin wanted to buy Incubator listing, but it is no longer the place for ready projects.

Oct-6-2015 10:39:06 PM


NANO67 BUSINESS LIMITED has bought Reserved 5-star listing with insurance (400$) which is active in first 30 days.

Oct-6-2015 05:51:35 PM


Cryptotech-ltd has purchased R5 listing, the insurance ($400) is active in first 20 days.

Sep-30-2015 10:38:53 PM

The insurance from Magnetcash

The insurance from Magnetcash was shared at 61%

Sep-14-2015 11:55:51 PM

The listing request of

The listing request of InstantPowerHouse was rejected. I disliked the rumors about the admin (past projects) and I also dont see the potential of strong project. Maybe I am wrong ;) Good luck for involved investors!

Sep-9-2015 08:45:44 PM

We are closed for new registrations now.

We are closed for new registrations now due to trollalert:

As you can see, this crazy guy will probably hire ddos attackers or a hacker, but he must pay for it, so I think the attack will be short.
Remember that the Facebook page of ISA is still good place to be in touch with us when the site is down.

Sep-5-2015 02:12:56 PM

The amount of insurance

The amount of insurance was returned to Honor, I am happy that we haven't needed to use it.

Sep-3-2015 08:11:06 PM