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Finally the site is back

Finally the site is back after DNS problems. Thanks guys for many emails and interest!

Jul-19-2015 02:35:27 PM

I upgraded ArbitGo

I upgraded ArbitGo from Incubator to Normal listing and deposited my own money. The design and investment plans are too good to leave it in Incubator, mainly that it's not a "sleeper" anymore.

Jul-13-2015 08:13:48 AM

Listing request

Listing request of Atm2you of Atm2you was declined, it is not really monitorable, even you can earn here.

Jul-10-2015 10:42:09 PM

The insurance

The insurance from Taurus was shared at 39.8%

Jun-30-2015 07:47:44 PM

Boss Auto

Boss Auto has purchased Premium listing with 20-days insurance, worth 350$

Jun-19-2015 04:40:38 PM


Bitc-trade has purchased Normal listing with 10days Insurance, worth 300$

Jun-12-2015 12:08:17 AM

I added Carbon7

I added Carbon7 to Premium section thanks to frequent discussion and high interest from investors. No insurance is linked with it.

Jun-8-2015 09:53:31 PM

Offers of Dr-bitcoin and CryptoFinances

Offers of Dr-bitcoin and CryptoFinances were declined. Both programs are/were good, but the style of their communication and the whole offer was unfair to list these programs in their last stage.

Jun-7-2015 08:40:04 AM


Maxizzy was declined due to speculative intention. The story:
The admin of Maxizzy contacted me in the beginning that he needs R5 listing. I told him that it's ok if he changes some things on the main page. As a result he chose DN. Now, after 1 month he bought Incubator here. What a speculative admin is he! I never declined Incubator listing, but now he absolutely deserves it.

Jun-6-2015 03:08:24 PM


MyTrafficValue was reviewed on my blog. It isn't listed on my monitor, but I think that it's worth to talk about since many investors play it, including some ISA residents.

May-31-2015 04:02:22 PM