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c-7 limited

c-7 limited was moved to Scam. Many investors joined trough Incubator even it wasn't a sleeper. Guys, why? We warned you each day in the main chat. From now ready projects can't join the Incubator.

Aug-4-2015 12:13:51 PM


4finance was added by me, there is a chance to reach the green zone, even principals won't be returned.

Aug-4-2015 11:30:07 AM


CryptoConomist was moved to scam, my monitor button was replaced for static image with Paying status, but other monitors still show Paying...

Aug-1-2015 09:20:39 AM

Listing request of

Listing request of IndustryPower was declined. I won't like to participate in finishing.

Jul-30-2015 11:34:20 PM


Crypto-big is gone, just 2 cycles were done, almost nobody invested here.

Jul-29-2015 12:34:45 AM

I upgraded Arbitgo

I upgraded Arbitgo from Normal to Premium listing thanks to perfect performance (28/July)

Jul-28-2015 09:41:56 PM

Listing requests of

Listing requests of AskenaFx and TradingAssets were declined.

Jul-28-2015 03:55:36 PM

The compensation requests

The compensation requests from RoxFinances was shared at 100% rate, no loss! (26/July)

Jul-26-2015 07:30:30 PM


Bitc-trade has also stopped paying, but we weren't surprised ;) It was moved to OnHold several days ago.

Jul-26-2015 11:28:17 AM


RoxwellFinance has stopped paying, hope you read my short review ;) Submit your compensation request!

Jul-23-2015 07:40:23 AM