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NANO67 BUSINESS LIMITED has bought Reserved 5-star listing with insurance (400$) which is active in first 30 days.

Oct-6-2015 05:51:35 PM


Cryptotech-ltd has purchased R5 listing, the insurance ($400) is active in first 20 days.

Sep-30-2015 10:38:53 PM

The insurance from Magnetcash

The insurance from Magnetcash was shared at 61%

Sep-14-2015 11:55:51 PM

The listing request of

The listing request of InstantPowerHouse was rejected. I disliked the rumors about the admin (past projects) and I also dont see the potential of strong project. Maybe I am wrong ;) Good luck for involved investors!

Sep-9-2015 08:45:44 PM

We are closed for new registrations now.

We are closed for new registrations now due to trollalert:

As you can see, this crazy guy will probably hire ddos attackers or a hacker, but he must pay for it, so I think the attack will be short.
Remember that the Facebook page of ISA is still good place to be in touch with us when the site is down.

Sep-5-2015 02:12:56 PM

The amount of insurance

The amount of insurance was returned to Honor, I am happy that we haven't needed to use it.

Sep-3-2015 08:11:06 PM


Nuggetz has been listed, but just in Premium section, fingers crossed. For more details click on Details button in the listing.

Aug-28-2015 09:38:06 AM

Listing requests of

Listing request of Bellroi was rejected, it can't be popular here. 4finance has similar investment plans and has much better quality. was also rejected since the admin can't handle incoming emails and offered 1$/day monitoring plan even it is not visible between his official offers. Another think, the admin who asks when will be the insurance paid back, usually has short lifetime. Let's play better hyips!

Aug-24-2015 10:43:41 PM

Boss Auto

Boss Auto has stopped paying completely. The admin blocked accounts of Vietnamese members and now there is a problem with delayed payments. Do not invest here!

Aug-24-2015 01:16:06 AM

No bet, just shady spies

We created the bet of the year, thanks to your initiation. The question is, will Carbon7 survive Christmas? Join the bet if you are brave - double or nothing! Timeframe to join: till midnight 24/Aug.


Michael (10$ - deposited - REFUNDED)
Jimmy (1k - FAILED) - spy, just like "Michael"? Does c7 really need such promoters?
remaining : 990$

marcoe (10$ - deposited - REFUNDED)
ecoboost (20$ - deposited - REFUNDED)
hyipobserver (20$ - deposited - REFUNDED)
simple (36$ - deposited - REFUNDED)
nery (48$ - deposited - REFUNDED)
baupaid (50$ - deposited -REFUNDED)
TheDude (66$ - deposited - REFUNDED)
jamieroquai (100$ - deposited - REFUNDED)
darwish (150$ - deposited - REFUNDED)
hyipoman (200$ - deposited - REFUNDED)
awe.investars (300$ - deposited - REFUNDED)
remaining: 0 slot

Make your bet in the given timeframe. Equal amounts should be on both sides. Place your bet to PM account of ISA: U2625028 (instant) and inform me trough support form. Include the info with your payment: collapse or survive and your username!
In case of failed bet, I will refund the amount on 24/Aug.

Sharing date: 25/Dec (not early) morning :)

Alright guys, all refunds are done, I refunded even Michael. I do not need free money. If you know me, then you know also that I decline many listings without problems. So if somebody says that I am money eater or I steal money, that person simply lies.

Aug-22-2015 11:04:19 AM