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Please note, I do not contact hyip administrators with exclusive offers or deals. My only site is and my only e-wallets: U2625028, P3731649 or BTC: 38mXHaKcfMCssM9nvTWEbzA8KTuXRdau3j

If hyip monitors contact you with special offers and/or proofs, be sure that it was not ISA. You are who must contact key-persons, not hyip monitors/bloggers.
Regarding insurance, I was who created this trend in 2014, so if you give insurance to 2nd class hyip monitors on English market, please do not conact me, I won't accept your request.
I have strict requirements, but I increase the given insurance with 50-60% from our insurance reserve. This is why my referrals like insured projects.
I think you know that is the best hyip community on English market where investors are talkative and feel safe.
Please note, ISA is not the place for all hyips and tons of banners, but all serious admins are welcome.
Good advice - do not feed greedy monitor-admins with unbelievable listing fees, rahter choose investors - monitors, where investors get more than a listing and reviews about nothing.
Monitors, bloggers, promoters do not deserve more than 250$ as investment, so if you plan to buy more expensive listing, do not contact me please. I hate if an admin spends investors' money on luxury listings which are not as effective as claimed. I require super low listing fee, but decent Insurance for your investors which you can get back within 10-20 days (or individual deal). So by choosing ISA you will get sympathy of hyip players, even if some of them usually choose rcb monitors. The final result is the same. Our community affects investing habits of English based market. Show the first step - support your investors, not monitor admins!

Are you looking for Reserved 5-star listing?
  • Real price contains 200$ investment and 150$ listing fee = ∑350$
  • Insurance is required: 2000$. Refund after 20-40 days or individual deal. Total price: 350+2000=∑2350$
  • You are welcome to offer even higher or longer insruance, contact me to discuss the details.

Please note, R5 listing is reserved for industry leaders.

  • A1D "after 1 day" or hourly projects can't be listed there
  • no negative reports on
  • no upcoming expiration wave of first deposits
  • min. 3 e-wallets
  • perfectly working script - transparent downline module with email notifications
  • synchronized details
  • get positive evaluation if your previous project was listed on ISA and reached good lifetime
  • thread on
  • close position to the main chatroom

Are you looking for cost-effective GrowingSeeds listing?
  • Real price contains 111$ investment and 39$ listing fee = ∑150$
  • Insurance can be assigned at better stages (if you wish): 1000$ Refund after 15-40* days or individual deal.
  • Let it grow naturally: your project will reach better stages by time - good for "sleepers", "semi-sleepers"
  • Grow faster: receive "Likes" from investors and reach top of the section in less time! - ideal for ready and great projects at min. expenses
  • Feel free to open a thread on (but follow the given example)
  • RCB, Details, 125x125 banner become active automatically by time or Likes
  • Upgrade possibility to R5 if the community loves your project

* The amount of insurance is refundable after 15~40 days:
Reserved 5-star = 20~40 days. The full amount is active for 20 days. I return 50% and the remaing amount will be active for another 20 days. Then I return 50% again (or individual deal).
GrowingSeeds = 15~40 - similar rule, but I recommend to contact me for having all clear.
This safety measure helps to build strong community here. If it is unpleasant for you, please don't buy R5!!!

I reserve the right to ask for higher insurance if the original insurance is exceeded by investments of my referrals in very first days significantly (popular project). The reason is simple. I risk my own money via Insurance Reserve to provide higher coverage for my referrals. Higher inusurance is effective and likeable way to get more attention. If you do not agree and refuse my request, the given insurance won't be returned. Saying NO means bad intention, so do not wonder why I do this - I stand on side of investors. The increased insurance is active for the same period of time, not longer.

Reserved 5-star

Only for best

$200 reinvested


  • Best class in English market
  • High trust rate
  • Your account is ready - publish news here!
  • One of cheapest listings after insurance refund
  • Perfect for moderate ROI long term projects
  • Best advantages for investors
  • Free banner for the 1st 5 projects
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Growing seeds

Stage builders'

$111 reinvested


  • Programmed progress
  • Ideal for "sleepers", "semi-sleepers"
  • Hot projects can grow thanks to Likes
  • Admin account - publish news here!
  • Assign insurance at best stages
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If you proceed with listing purchase you accept the following Agreement

I reserve the right to delist your project from R5 section due to low quality, clear signs of scam, e.g. negative status on Same for GrowingSeeds even if here are accepted projects with lower quality. Just the Insurance is refundable, this is why I recommend to contact me first, mainly if your project is older, unstable, having script problems, limitations or other negative marks.

If your project starts to pay selectively or stops paying at all, I will move it to Problem status and remove banner if any. In case of non positive changes your project will appear in Scam section.

You understand that positive review/description is not claimable, try to accept highlighting negative marks - or just fix them. is the only official place to buy listing or banners. Do not pay in advance, do not pay to any account in emails! I am not responsible for such losses.