Bandeira Construction

Plans: 1.8-4% daily until you reach 150%

Investment: 1000 | 426%
Min.deposit: 10$
Withdrawal: Manual
Lifetime: 558 days
Monitored: 558 days
Last payout: 13/Sep/17
Bad votes: 2
Verified: 0
Status Not Paying
Referral: 3%-2% and 3% from referrals' earnigns

Details Bandeira Construction

Bandeira Construction (BC) - Making Tomorrow A Better Place
BC has purchased R5 listing on 10/March. The insurance is active in first 20 day (500$ PM)
BC uses a never seen alloy of GC and H-script, thumbs up for the coder ;)

+ beautiful design and script - I do not care that it is not licensed
+ lot of connections to social channels
+ extra and unique stuff: brochure
+ extra referral commission from daily earnings over the commission from deposits
+ extra income from banner advertising
+ introduction video
+ extra size banners
+ designed notification emails

- the scheme of referral commissions is misleading, you should read to understand that BC pays just 3% and 1% for basic uplines (+ daily commissions from referrals' earnings)
- hard to find the investment plans - you should register first - not logical and not attractive
- purchasable banner position decreases the quality of BC if a banner of cheap site is shown

Am I impressed as investor? Sure, just the investment plan doesn't open my wallet...

Update: STP was disabled on 3/Aug, but investors can exchange their STP funds at 1:1 rate (5/Aug)

RCB PLAYERS: you must claim RCB within few hours, since there are lot of transactions from referrals' earnings, and I am sorry, but I won't browse 30 pages to find yours if you submit your request after 1-2 days.

Update: "btc holiday" till 7/August, I am moving BC to OnHold section and changing the status for Waiting (1/Aug)
Update: BandeiraConstruction is back and paying, just slowly - as usual (7/Aug)
Update:Neteller is no longer accepted, zero information on the site, thumbs down! (7/August)

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Paid within minutes, unbelievable - 23.65 (ADV)

ISA, joined: 22-02-20

Published 13 Sep 17 18:58

Paid after 1 day - 4.53$ (ADV)

ISA, joined: 22-02-20

Published 11 Sep 17 18:36

Paid after 2 days - 16.1$ (PY, ADV)

ISA, joined: 22-02-20

Published 10 Sep 17 06:43

Paid after 2 days € 14,91 (advcash)


Published 10 Sep 17 04:40

paid after 3 days, total 65$ via ADV


Published 09 Sep 17 20:00

Paid within an hour - 5.05$ (PM)

ISA, joined: 22-02-20

Published 06 Sep 17 20:24

Paid after 3 days 10,37 € (ADV)


Published 02 Sep 17 07:15

Paid after 3 days - 165$ (PM, PY, BTC)

ISA, joined: 22-02-20

Published 01 Sep 17 18:58

get paid after 3 days 57.43 total (ADV) my favourite program Amount: 33.00 USD 229549fb-70e6-4d77-9 c0a-0df19903dcd9 Amount: 15.00 USD 70df3270-7559-4508-8 634-e091d13f33b6 Amount: 8.00 USD aadd0a8f-c411-4dd7-9 b42-a086d7886514 Amount: 1.43 USD 4e968e89-54de-4f6a-8 604-1717f12f36cc


Published 01 Sep 17 16:22

Paid after 3 days total 79$ (ADV) 29 Aug, 17:44 Internal Transaction 1b850947-c60e-459a-a 161-5b04bc8b53bd Amount: 13.00 USD ae799f4f-e97b-4044-8 f64-935acb25d02f Amount: 8.00 USD 2595fa91-7635-4cc7-9 349-d551c55c0fa3 Amount: 14.00 USD 75b2a154-33dd-434f-a 4c9-c55ca1e61750 Amount: 44.00 USD


Published 29 Aug 17 17:10

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