Plans: 0.25-2.25% daily on business days, until you reach 150%

Investment: 6011 | 218%
Min.deposit: $20
Withdrawal: Instant
Lifetime: 1146 days
Monitored: 1022 days
Last payout: 05/May/17
Bad votes: 1
Verified: 0
Status Not Paying
Referral: 5%

Details MerchantShares

Old and quite "safe" investment project. I tested it for few days so I can confirm instant withdrawals including STP!
There you can earn between 0.25% up to 2.25% on business days until you reach 150%

+ no fast scam - good past performance
+ instant payments
+ many e-processors, including STP (with business email)
+ unique script
+ 7day money-back guarantee
+ domain valid until 2019
+ active support, mainly on FB

- almost no visibility on hyip monitors - this time it can be an advantage
- non userfiendly "transfer" function
- the live chat is not too live, but the FB acc is really active
- withdrawal fees

Personally I like MerchantShares, the admin said that the script will be renewed and the backoffice will be more powerful. If it will happen I am ready to upgrade it to the best listing. We will see and I will inform you.

RCB requests will be processed after 7 days, when the money back guarantee expires...

Update: Ads were implemented into main site and back office as well. I am not sure that it was a necessary step to get higher income from few extra clicks... but it may symbolize that MS is going to pay us longer (31/July/2014)
Update: The admin is working on new design, he also talked about new rules, but we will able see it just in the beginning of 2015, will update you. (9/Dec)
Update: MS was upgraded from Premium to R5 listing thanks to excellent past performance. Thumbs up! (21/March)
Update: Withdrawal fees were introduced (+ flat deposit fee 0.5$):
PM: 3% + 0.25$
PY: 4% + 0.25$
OK: 4% + 0.25$
STP: 5% + 0.25$

Update: You must have verified account to be able to withdraw. You should start with phone verification - free and automated (January 2016)
Update: Finally, the new design has arrived, but with unpopular settings, like increased withdrawal limit (5$), separate wallets - transfer is needed before cashout + remiss answers from the support... (26/March/2016)
Update: STP has disabled its button for MS and generated unexpected troubles for MS. This is a general situation, STP do not deal anymore with hyips (21/Aug)
Update: 48-96h maintenance mode without any notice previously, strange... (7/March/2017)
Update: MS slowly is getting back on track. Withdrawal limit is now 25$/transaction, except PM (still 10$) 9/April
RCB PLAYERS: enter your registered name or your adpack ID (not deposit ID) as username in the RCB form to identify your referral commission in MS, thank you.

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ISA, joined: 22-02-20

Published 04 Aug 14 00:00

Payment Received

ISA, joined: 22-02-20

Published 02 Aug 14 00:00

Paid instantly to STP.


Published 30 Jul 14 16:23

Very good company, Instant Withdrawal, Try it and see to your self. The best I have ever come across.


Published 29 Jul 14 07:58

Payment Received

ISA, joined: 22-02-20

Published 29 Jul 14 00:00

awesome sites for secure earning


Published 28 Jul 14 03:38

Payment Received

ISA, joined: 22-02-20

Published 28 Jul 14 00:00

The best!!


Published 27 Jul 14 11:42

I like it as well :)


Published 26 Jul 14 16:53

i'm loving it :)


Published 26 Jul 14 14:30

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