Limpid Capital

Plans: 0.8-1.2% daily for 30-70 days, PB

Investment: 200 | 110%
Min.deposit: 20$
Withdrawal: Manual
Min.withdrawal: 0.2$
Lifetime: 383 days
Monitored: 212 days
Last payout: 04/Apr/20
Bad votes: 2
Verified: 0
Status Not Paying
Referral: min. 5%

Details Limpid Capital has purchased Normal listing on 9/Sept

Update: Advcash was added (wow, it can be risky due to policy of Advcash) 14/Sept

Update: big update - new, better design, little bit higher earnings and referral commissions. (27/Jan)

Update: office opening in Moscow - click (28/Feb)

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Paid within 4 hours - 3.28$ (PM)

ISA, joined: 22-02-20

Published 01 Apr 20 19:54

I am happy with the project from head to toe as they say, in addition to stable payments and the opening of new tariffs, they have also opened their own store of healthy and sports nutrition, for which other respect)


Published 01 Apr 20 15:26

Received Payment 5.19 USD from account U20160345 to account U21315675. Batch: 309007769. Memo: API Payment. Withdrawal from Limpid Capital, login MisPris, request 14443, transaction 75969. Payment from the project on the Deposit:)


Published 01 Apr 20 13:40

Received Payment 2.96 USD from account U20160345 to account U22103774. Batch: 308995182. Memo: API Payment. Withdrawal from Limpid Capital, login DmitrevaIrina, request 14406, transaction 75721. Stable payment is here as here


Published 01 Apr 20 10:17

Received Payment 3.22 USD from account U20160345 to account U21150955. Batch: 309005902. Memo: API Payment. Withdrawal from Limpid Capital, login Stolyarov, request 14548, transaction 76523. Passive income.)


Published 01 Apr 20 08:40

+ 4.00 USD Date: 31.03.2020 23:37:42 ID: 980076324 Details: P1010366378 → P1018373351 Amount: 3.40 USD Comment: Withdrawal from Limpid Capital, login delitnyj, request #14468, transaction #76042 Payout from the project.


Published 01 Apr 20 07:32

I want to thank the Limpid.Capital project for the ability to consistently receive interest on my Deposit, and for opening the long-awaited tariff with 1.4 % per day, after opening I began to feel much more comfortable.


Published 01 Apr 20 06:47

Paid within 18 hours 1.64$ (PM)

ISA, joined: 22-02-20

Published 31 Mar 20 19:03

Date: 31.03.2020 03:57:17 ID: 984737986 Details: P1010366378 → P1021289362 Amount: 5.93 USD Comment: Withdrawal from Limpid Capital, login Tumanova, request #14240, transaction #74591 Passive Income.


Published 31 Mar 20 11:18

I received payment under the new tariff plan successfully! the percentage of course is very pleasing)


Published 31 Mar 20 10:14

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