Limpid Capital

Plans: 0.8-1.2% daily for 30-70 days, PB

Investment: 200 | 110%
Min.deposit: 20$
Withdrawal: Manual
Min.withdrawal: 0.2$
Lifetime: 383 days
Monitored: 212 days
Last payout: 04/Apr/20
Bad votes: 2
Verified: 0
Status Not Paying
Referral: min. 5%

Details Limpid Capital has purchased Normal listing on 9/Sept

Update: Advcash was added (wow, it can be risky due to policy of Advcash) 14/Sept

Update: big update - new, better design, little bit higher earnings and referral commissions. (27/Jan)

Update: office opening in Moscow - click (28/Feb)

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Received Payment 4.92 USD from account U20160345 to account U22103774. Batch: 308687872. Memo: API Payment. Withdrawal from Limpid Capital, login DmitrevaIrina, request 13738, transaction 71545. Stable payment is here as here


Published 29 Mar 20 08:52

Paid within 14 hours - 1.64$ (PM), but it seems there is a problem - forced reinvested of principals! Do not invest even if we are paid at the moment. Do not believe in shiny positive votes.

ISA, joined: 22-02-20

Published 29 Mar 20 08:04

I want to say that the project is very happy they are constantly improving and adding new chips, and recently opened their own sports nutrition store, but most of all I was pleased with the opening of a new Deposit plan with 1.4% daily!


Published 28 Mar 20 15:11

Received Payment 3.58 USD from account U20160345 to account U19858947. Batch: 308619405. Memo: API Payment. Withdrawal from Limpid Capital, login Vlad1989, request 13659, transaction 71062. Stable income from the project)


Published 28 Mar 20 12:11

It's great that the company added Sberbank! but the most pleasing thing is the new rate of 1.4 percent per day! I have already opened it) before that I was on a tariff of 0.8 percent! my income has almost doubled!)


Published 28 Mar 20 11:18

Date: 28.03.2020 09:42:48 ID: 982121936 Details: P1010366378 → P1018520024 Amount: 11.75 USD Comment: Withdrawal from Limpid Capital, login Inna, request #13648, transaction #70969


Published 28 Mar 20 09:33

Received Payment 14.75 USD from account U20160345 to account U20040579. Batch: 308598023. Memo: API Payment. Withdrawal from Limpid Capital, login OlegLichil, request 13540, transaction 70352. As always a stable payout in my pocket))


Published 28 Mar 20 08:26

Paid within 10 hours - 8.19$ (PM)

ISA, joined: 22-02-20

Published 28 Mar 20 05:59

The amount of 2.38 USD has been deposited to your account. Accounts: U20160345->U19811025 . Memo: API Payment. Withdrawal from Limpid Capital. Date: 07:15 26.03.20. Batch: 308417780.


Published 26 Mar 20 18:20

I invest in this project even before updating the platform, I want to say that this project has proven itself perfectly! stable payments are received within 12-14 hours.


Published 26 Mar 20 15:09

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