Plans: up to 0.5% daily for 12 business days

Investment: 200 | 419%
Min.deposit: 50$
Withdrawal: Manual
Min.withdrawal: 5-25-200$
Lifetime: 1570 days
Monitored: 1433 days
Last payout: 17/Apr/22
Bad votes: 0
Verified: 0
Status Not Paying
Referral: 5-3-1%

Details has purchased Normal listing on 20/Mar.


+ it seems like super long term project even if the returns are quite low

+ long term bonus - automatic reinvestment option (starting at 4%)

+ investment bonus for amounts higher than 1000USD (in cryptocurrencies) starting at 10% (it increases just the daily profit by 10%)

+ nice video presentation and super long pdf "offline presentation" + video introduction of each team member - wow!

+ connected many social channels


- USD main currency, but at least your deposit is saved at actual fixed market rate, so you cant lose due to fluctuations

- low profit, but this is not disadvantage if you are searching for long term project

- withdrawal fees: BTC - 4$, ETC - 0.5$, LTC - 0.5$

- minimum payout: 10$ in any currency

- no notification emails


Update: new design (much better), PerfectMoney was added, no banners yet (11/May/2021)

Update: upgraded from GS listing to R5 thanks to great performance (6/Jul/2021)

Update: The minimal withdrawal limit for Bitcoin is $200! LTC: $25, ETH: $25, PM: 5$

I think dollar balance is one of problems here. Nowadays transaction fees can't do such pressure on hyip admins to raise withdrwal limits. It is OK to set some limit, but not $200. (7/Jun/2022)

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What a beautiful program, paying long term They have changed the plans but its all for the good There will be no longer hit and runners due to this and the company should work for a long time with long term investors More power to Robotics I was paid some referral commissions :) Payment Batch - 0.794631 LTC 2022-08-13 18:15:24 UTC 429e5497a64087edddbdc3eb7fc177bcc6457cba04b81337aed47601b5f059ad

heatstreak, joined: 13-04-20

Published 15 Aug 22 23:56

very happy with the project


Published 02 Jul 22 16:02

I received another quick payment from Robotics I turned on my auto pilot and also making sure I earn massive profits in this project Auto-pilot feature is a simply amazing tool to make amazing returns I decided to make a new deposit via account balance as well to keep earning more profits :) Reinvestment from Account balance - $1000 Payment batch - 1.639124 LTC 06-10-2022 17:40:41 UTC ea70a21359ea6826aa34400c6ffcf7663a9bf904840a5d663f00b31155cbed4d

heatstreak, joined: 13-04-20

Published 13 Jun 22 15:23

I received another nice withdrawal from Robotics online I closed my auto pilot early just to show everyone the program pays I decided to add another new investment of $1000 from account balance and planning to keep this on autopilot for a long time for bigger profits :) Payment batch - 0.470479 LTC 2022-05-07 12:56:32 4631d7f766b56a17d87742606b8c06f077796b62e849acc56a7a42a1344a2805 Reinvestment from Account balance - $1000

heatstreak, joined: 13-04-20

Published 10 May 22 23:51

Received Litecoin +0,567555 LTC ≈ 55,43 US$ 1/5/2022 15:03


Published 01 May 22 23:46

This project has been up and running since years and it pays very stable returns I have an active investment of $1000 in here and make sure to turn on autopilot which helps me compound and gain big profits over the months :) I added a reinvestment of $1000 and turned on auto pilot once again More profits incoming Reinvestment from Account balance - $1000 Payment batch - 2.775755 LTC 04-21-2022 04:38:35 UTC 8bb6ffcb0c252f66d47d75484a485d4feb06c546b88b47268d6e5a11415f2491

heatstreak, joined: 13-04-20

Published 22 Apr 22 10:02

Payout 17.04.2022, 11:54 - $59.6 (0.0016BTC) - after one day.

ISA, joined: 22-02-20

Published 18 Apr 22 11:55

The project is good and is paying! Received Litecoin from litecoin +0,507808 LTC ≈ 55,46 US$


Published 13 Apr 22 21:40

I joined this program the first week of November and I am happy to say it out loud this is one of the best programs in 2021 and still growing stronger everyday in 2022 I have turned my autopilot on so i can gain maximum benefits and decide to withdraw sometimes in a month or so You should not miss this massive project :) Payment batch - 1.06108 LTC 08-01-2022 23:08:17 73fce69217453ba741f99698d113c31c7b35db24e11ef701565b954e7e062669

heatstreak, joined: 13-04-20

Published 11 Apr 22 23:53

Payout 23.02.2022, 08:07 - $61.25 (0.00161BTC) - paid after one day.

ISA, joined: 22-02-20

Published 01 Mar 22 08:12

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