Plans: up to 125% in 1 day, 80% daily for 2 days, 300% after 5 days, 550% after 10 days

Investment: 111 | 4%
Min.deposit: 5$
Withdrawal: Manual
Min.withdrawal: 0.25$ | 2.5$ crypto
Lifetime: 11 days
Monitored: 0 days
Last payout: 27/Apr/20
Bad votes: 0
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Status Not Paying
Referral: 3%

Details SpecterGreen

Default text: Specter Green is managed by Bradley Specter, a seasoned trader in all markets with no specific industry. Specter Green goes with the flow, where the markets are ideal and therefore profits can easily be made. We say easy because, we are a group of experienced investors and traders who can take advantage of every situation in any type of tradable commodity, resource, industry, stocks, or cryptocurrencies. We have a natural themed website because we do not support industries or corporations who do not support the drive in going green. Cryptocurrency trading is by no means affecting nature and can be done from anywhere across the globe and therefore, it is our main market to trade in. Our mission is to enable people from all around the globe to make money by making their money work for them. Our vision is to see Specter Green as one of the main providers of opportunities to all levels and class of the population of the world. Be part of our cause and support only what does not hurt mother nature. Go green! Specter Green!

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Investment 26.04.2020, 19:22 - $111

ISA, joined: 22-02-20

Published 27 Apr 20 19:23

Payout 27.04.2020, 19:22 - $4.39. Batch: 1011835287 - within minutes.

ISA, joined: 22-02-20

Published 27 Apr 20 19:22

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