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Stakedwallet has purchased R5 listing on 30/Mar. The insurance is active for 40 days: the full amount is active in first 20 days and then 50% remains active for another 20 days.
Source of insurance: 0.3145BTC
Max coverage per investor: 0.01887BTC (~120$)

Mar-30-2020 08:57:02 PM is having database problems, it is possible that they will need our cooperation to restore the lost data. News from admin:
"In process of the technical works the user database was damaged. Our team is working on troubleshooting and restoring information. You may need to restore user data. In this case we will create a special form in which you must specify the account information. All user's funds will be restored."

Mar-30-2020 03:28:21 PM seems to be problematic due to forced reinvestments even if it is still paying. I do not recommend to invest, but do not want to break the game for those who are already in, so I keep Waiting status for a while.

Mar-30-2020 11:17:22 AM


Forex-brokers has stopped paying, do not invest there!

Mar-28-2020 10:02:14 PM

Ultimatetrade has purchased Normal listing on 28/Mar.

Mar-28-2020 08:54:52 PM


Monelo has stopped paying, do not invest there! The admin posted this message on the main page:
"Unfortunately the impact of COVID-19 has finally reached us and today our platform is officially stopping to provide it’s services.
During the global fall-down of stock markets we managed to keep going, but despite all our best attempts we can not continue anymore.
We are stopping to accept new deposits and the deposit release function has been disabled. We will keep processing the daily payouts for as long as possible.
Thank you for your support - Stay safe and healthy!"

Mar-26-2020 01:51:00 PM has purchased Normal listing on 20/Mar. It seems like a serious long term project - do you agree?

Mar-20-2020 12:30:05 AM


Winza has purchased Normal listing on 18/Mar.

Mar-18-2020 09:17:01 PM


Fxglonet has stopped paying definitely, do not invest there!

Mar-15-2020 09:25:33 AM


Softradeai disabled withdrawals for 2 weeks while depositing is still enabled. I do not recommend to invest there and I am skeptic that Softradeai is able to come back "stronger" as they told.

Mar-11-2020 08:15:06 PM