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Softradeai has purchased Normal listing on 16/JAN. The admin wanted to get good listing, but since he gave insurance to a high-rcb-monitor, I was not able to offer him insured position in better sections. Btw I do not know why some admins give insurance to high-rcb-monitors. These monitors are tricky, accepts every low quality hyip and the high rcb is paid indirectly by hyip admins through ads. These monitors do not push the industry ahead. I know that some fast scammer admins can get listings just at high-rcb monitors, but the others should think twice.

Jan-16-2020 12:02:59 PM


Pipbrokers - just a small delay in processing withdrawals. Let me know if you weren't paid.

Dec-13-2019 06:52:21 PM


Ai-trader has purchased Normal listing on 12/Dec.

Dec-12-2019 02:35:53 PM


Coinexa has purchased Normal listing without insurance on 8/Dec.

Dec-8-2019 08:40:39 PM


CryptoHarbor has stopped paying after redesigning, then why it was necessary? Mainly because the original design was better. Unbelievable...

Dec-5-2019 07:28:49 AM


Cryptengram the insurance has been shared at 83.7%. I hope we won't meet this admin again!

Nov-28-2019 08:52:07 AM


Now it is clear that Mizes blocks some accounts without deeper investigation. The support seems to be not really intelligent, they do not care who are they talking with and closes support tickets when they wish. From this moment I do not recommend to invest there!

Nov-27-2019 08:02:14 PM


Pipbrokers has purchased Premium listing on 27/Nov. The insurance is active for 46 days (full cycle + some extra days). Source of insurance: 2000$ PerfectMoney.
Max. coverage: 80$ per investor or ~0.0113BTC (due to long principal-back inv. plan)

Nov-27-2019 09:13:32 AM


Cryptengram check your requests on the forum and contact me if you feel there is something wrong with your request/calculation.

Nov-26-2019 11:34:17 PM


Cryptengram - submit your compensation request on the blog, the form is active already.
Source of insurance: 0.1549BTC
Max coverage: 120$ (~0.0132BTC)

Nov-23-2019 06:09:41 AM