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$500 for TOP-3 partners of this week
Achieving results is always easier with the right motivation and healthy competition. It's everything correct with competition. We have many active partners who can show decent results. So we decided to increase your motivation! The TOP-3 partners from the TOP partners rating which we will summarize according to the results of this week will receive not only a prize in the form of power but also will compete for a prize fund of $ 500 which will be distributed as follows: the winner of the competition will receive a bonus of $ 300, for the...

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10 Apr 20, 08:13



has stopped paying, do not invest there! It had to sleep longer, do you agree?

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09 Apr 20, 21:23



Top up with bank card!
Our users often ask us how to top up an account with a bank card. That’s why we’ve decided to create a special guide for you.This guide will help you top up your wallet balance with a bank card without any problems. It’s really simple.   The topping up guide      

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09 Apr 20, 11:16



Traders see all-time highs for BTC
Bitcoin investors have nervously watched markets over recent weeks, since the coronavirus COVID-19 began spreading out of China, dropping to lows of under $4,000 per bitcoin from almost $10,000 in early March.   Now, despite bitcoin dropping by some 30% over the last 30-day period, survey results show bitcoin investors were upbeat at the beginning of the year, with most expecting the bitcoin price to soar to over $20,000 per bitcoin in 2020.   The average 2020 bitcoin price target cited by traders and investors was $22,866 per bitcoin, a...

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08 Apr 20, 19:57



Jetisfy & Omega have joined GS.
Omega is worth to talk about, mainly because it seems to be state of the art. Here nothing is as simple as in basic projects, but most of us is searching for outstanding project, right? Then here you are.   You can join with BTC, LTC, ETH, ZEC, XLM, TRX, Ripple, Dash. You are buying here an internal currency named Omega unit and with as simple step you are having an active investment - no extra step is needed. I guess you will search for Deposit button, but you have to find Acquire Omega Units button - click and select your favorit...

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08 Apr 20, 13:23



Limpid.capital has stopped paying!
Do not invest there even if Limpid paid well till yesterday. Hope you are in profit!

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08 Apr 20, 06:04



The crisis will pass
The global economic crisis which began because of the coronavirus pandemic and the collapse in oil prices, hang over business and human well-being. However, it is worth noting that the crisis is a great start for something new. At this time the cost of goods and services can be significantly reduced. For this reason, investment is becoming more profitable and affordable. The crisis will pass and prices will begin to rise to their previous values. But you didn’t wait for prices to raised again right? You have earned through this time⏳ . The...

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Don't miss your chance to earn.
Our friendly family is growing rapidly, we are joined by new and new investors from all over the world, and as you can see from the online statistics in your personal accounts, the total number of registered users has exceeded 10,000 registrations. This means that, as promised earlier, we will hold a drawing of bonus deposits totaling $ 5000 among active investors of the platform https://limpid.capital/promotions/Everyone-has-a-chance-to-win-Deposit To become a member, you need to fulfill just one simple condition – to have an active...

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06 Apr 20, 17:20



Welcome to new ISA!
Unfortunately old accounts were not transferred because of large amount of inactivity and questionable accounts. Now it will be filtered well so let me ask you to register and get a brand new user panel with useful data. ! Please select a project where you are my referral (Upline relation field) and enter your username to next field - then I can find you. I must remake it to keep it understandable. I will check and approve each request manually, thanks for your patience and one more time, welcome to new ISA :)

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05 Apr 20, 21:00



Get SWL Tokens for free
Spend just a couple of minutes and get up to 300 SWL tokens for free! How to do that? You need to go to the Bounty section in your personal account and complete a few simple tasks. Get up to 300 SWL And to help you understand the Bounty program we have prepared a manual. Learn more about Bounty program and what SWL token is and how to make money on it here – https://bit.ly/2UUSD0K 

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