How to get extra profit with Vixes?

04 Aug 2020

Published by Vixes

Admit it, each of you strives to earn more! We at Vixes do our best to realize more earning opportunities. We want to draw your attention to 3 ways of making money with Vixes not counting your investments.


⭐️ Registration bonus


👤 Every partner who pass registration on the Vixes website receives a bonus in the form of mining power which is equivalent to $ 3. You can understand the basic principles of the site operation using this bonus power. If you are investing in Vixes then the bonus will be a great addition to your deposit.


⭐️ Referral program


👥 You can invite partners and receive bonuses for their power purchases using your referral link. Your direct partners give your profit of 7% of the amount spent on the purchase of power. But that's not all. Those users who are invited by your partners will also bring you bonuses. And so on up to 3 stages of the referral program. This is a great opportunity to increase your earnings with Vixes.


⭐️ Company Promotion


💸 It's not for nothing that we mentioned the referral program before Company Promotion. The point is that you can use your referral link when you participate in this promotion and receive bonuses for completing tasks! It makes no difference is someone clicked on your link or not and whether a purchase was made. By talking about Vixes on social networks and messengers you get a reward and have a chance to attract partners who will bring you a reward. Two benefits in one! It is worth trying.


⚡️ Earn more with Vixes!


😱 Of course, talking about opportunities to increase earnings we must mention the marketing of the company. After all the amount of your income with Vixes directly depends on the amount of purchased power. And if the purchased 20 MH/s for the Scrypt algorithm will bring you a daily income of 1% then 110,000 MH/s will allow you to receive 3% per day!


💶 Invest in Vixes and manage your funds as efficiently as possible to get the highest possible profit! Vixes are always on your side.



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