Jetisfy & Omega have joined GS.

08 Apr 2020

Omega is worth to talk about, mainly because it seems to be state of the art. Here nothing is as simple as in basic projects, but most of us is searching for outstanding project, right? Then here you are.


You can join with BTC, LTC, ETH, ZEC, XLM, TRX, Ripple, Dash. You are buying here an internal currency named Omega unit and with as simple step you are having an active investment - no extra step is needed. I guess you will search for Deposit button, but you have to find Acquire Omega Units button - click and select your favorit cryptocurrency and transfer the exact amount you entered. Then I recommend to set up Auto-sale schedule (payout day) where you can set up one day of the week when will sell out a portion of your OMG balance. Processing is not instant, but you will get your withdrawal mostly within 24h. Higher profile status (than the entry level Lepton) will allow you to set more days of the week in the future. You can get higher status by frequent exchange (almost 5000$) and by referring investors. You can not only use a Bounty program to get the passive income but have an option to keep your affiliate Trust Points in order to grow your status quicker.

As by default, when you receive trust points for your downline's activity, these are all auto-converted (can be turned off) into the OMG balance. It is not possible to just withdraw your affiliate bonuses, but you can choose to stream it for the status upgrade, thus you won't have to invest 5K to get these trust points.


The Revenue Forecast Calculator is good tool to see how much can you earn, but I can tell you that with Lepton status it is 0.8-1.5% daily (about 1% in average). The lenght of investment period is not defined, but if I am right it will work "forever" - till the project is alive.


You can see very detailed explanation in their news:

And if you wish join with my referral link, here you are:


I also recommend to re-register at ISA to push Omega ahead with your likes - enabling RCB just within few days. Good luck!



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