Week #7 of Bounty Week has started!

14 Sep 2020

Published by HourlyMiner

With some amazing changes, we officially announce the start of our Bounty Week #7. As already is becoming a tradition for HourlyMiner. Every week we start with a new Bounty Campaign, we enjoy so much by reading your posts, youtube videos talking about HourlyMiner, please know that the amount of feedback that we extract when validating your submissions pays out in full our weekly investment by giving free money with our bounty program.


This week #7 we start with refreshing changes, for example we have added 3 tasks:Google Ads Campaign 
Which basically is to help us by running an ads campaign in google promoting your referral link and we will make you earn +20% on your total Google ads cost, interested? read more 
Blog Post Campaign - Returned!
This is the same task that we had in earlier campaigns, and now has returned. Interested in making a blog post introducing Hourly Miner?  read more 


Please remember to follow all steps carefully to get your submissions approve as it is very important to focus on making all bounty steps properly so its actually value to HourlyMiner and we reward that value by processing your submission.Read more info here

Let's also talk about the real money making engine which is our top notch mining service made and simplified distributing hash power as contracts
Let's consider that you already tested our platform and you wish to buy a bigger contract like:
Popular package, this amazing contract will make you earn 12% DAILY distributed in hourly rewards of 0.5% hourly. over the course of 288 hours. 
Now let's consider you already ran a Popular contract and now, it's time to jump in to a VIP contract 
This amazing contract will make you earn quick 2.5% hourly... stay reading because HourlyMiner is serious about bitcoin mining with its associates plan which is ready to generate 6% hourly -- The favorite plan of "The Flash"money-mouth


We also want to salute the new celebrities of youtube, and youtubers that are just starting, that are participating in our campaign, a good example on how to combine cloud mining with daily activities as these youtubers are using full power of both technologies,as the amount of people that you reach with social media is high, they are benefiting of our special referral commission program!

When your referral makes a purchase in the Tester Contract, you get 3% 
When your referralmakes a purchase in the  Popular Contract , you get 6% 
When your referral makes a purchase in the  VIP Contract, you get 10% 
When your referral makes a purchase in the  Associates Contract, you get 15% 

We are planning to set up a LIVE in instagram inside our Mining FARM, please get notified by following us in ;Instagram
Happy Week, Happy Mining!

Hourly Mining Associates Ltd.



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