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14 Sep 2020

Published by Vixes

⭐️ Dear friends! Our community of miners brought together over 🌐 140,000 people around the world. Each of you makes a stable income with Vixes. We entered the mining market with the goal of creating a competitive company that would allow miners from all over the world to work on favorable terms. Every day we do our best to keep the achieved success and develop further. We want to talk today about how they support us in different countries.


⭐️ Without doubt Vixes has the biggest support in Brazil. More than 15% of all Vixes users live in this country. And this is more than 22,000 partners! ❤️ Over the past 30 days the number of our partners in Brazil has grown by 12.3%. Many miners decided to abandon the use of ASIC miners at home and began to mine cryptocurrency with Vixes. Guys, we know that there are many of you and we also know how warmly you support us. Thank you for that!


⭐️ The second country in which we received a lot of support is another state in Latin America. This is Venezuela. The difficult economic situation and the complexity of using mining equipment at home have contributed to the connecting of many miners to our community. From the earliest days, miners from this country have been among the most numerous members of our platform. We are glad to see you in our community!


⭐️ Iran closes the top three. Mining in this country is developed at the highest level, however, the increased competition in the mining market demanded a change in the approach to cryptocurrency mining and unite into large communities.  🚀 Over the past 30 days, the number of partners who have joined from Iran has grown by 88.7%! At the moment this is the fastest growing community in our team.


⭐️ The top five also include the African countries Sudan and Egypt. The number of our partners in these countries has grown by 15% and 9%, respectively, over the past month. In our native Australia we are supported by over 7,000 miners. This is just over 5% of the total number of partners in our community. As you can see, the decision to enter the external market was economically correct for our company because we managed to increase the number of partners almost 20 times in just 200 days!


📣 You can list endlessly the countries where our partners live. However, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that Vixes has its partners in almost every country in the world! Each of you has chosen us as a reliable partner who offers stable profit to everyone regardless of where you live and the amount of your investment. And we are successfully coping with this task.


🔥 For 210 days of our mining farm operation each partner could receive income from their investments 💶 up to 630%. 💸 We have paid over $ 54,000 as a referral reward and over $ 11,000 in Company Promotion. Join us, become an active member of our community and earn up to 3% per day with Vixes. The larger our community, the stronger it is.

❤️ Together we are Vixes! 



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