Miners are earning with Vixes twice!

15 Oct 2020

Published by Vixes

⚡️ Dear friends. We want to draw your attention to the growth in the value of a number of cryptocurrencies and compare them with the prices of other liquid goods today. 🚀 Since the beginning of 2020, the Bitcoin rate has grown by 59%. For comparison, the Nasdaq index increased in price by 34%, the cost of gold - by 27%.


If we take into account the more recent information only on cryptocurrencies then it is worth noting the growth of a number of cryptocurrencies over the period from July to September. 📈 During these three months, the Ethereum rate has shown a rapid growth of 60%! Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash grew by 17.7% and 2.3%, respectively.


📣 Thus, mining the cryptocurrency with Vixes you not only earn up to 3% per day but also get even more thanks to the systematic growth of the rate. Our partners who have been earning with us since the beginning of the year and mining Bitcoin or those who have been mining Ethereum for the last 3 months have earned up to 60% of their investments additionally.


🔥 Each partner who works with Vixes earns twice: first with the help of mining then with the growth of the rate. Vixes is profitable!



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