Weekly digest #37

02 Nov 2020

Published by Vixes

📣 37 weeks of our mining farm are behind and we welcome you to the weekly review from Vixes. A long period of the site's work is behind and we traditionally want to share with you our successes, news and plans for the future. We have prepared a weekly digest, from which you will learn about the results of the company's work over the past week, as well as about the main events on the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology market.


⚡️ Farm works: 262 days

⚡️ Miners: 168,029

⚡️ Invested: $ 777,921

💶 Income up to: 786%


🎁 We launched a special offer from Vixes to celebrate Halloween. ❤️ Choose joy and get a 10% discount on the purchase of mining power. Over 167,000 miners have already chosen us. Make an investment and join our community.



🌍 Speaking about the important events of the week we should note the main news of the world of cryptocurrency.


😱 Due to the seasonal shutdown of equipment by Chinese miners, over 120,000 unprocessed transactions were formed in the Bitcoin mempool. Network fees have grown to $ 13. Currently, the number of unconfirmed transactions has dropped significantly.


🚀 Despite this the price of Bitcoin approached the $ 14,000 level. At this level the first cryptocurrency has quite serious resistance. It is not known yet whether it will be possible to break through the level and rise higher. The Bitcoin rate is $ 13,500 for 1 BTC now.


😉 Exchanges are losing volume. Over the past 2 months, users have withdrawn from their accounts on exchanges about 41% of all cryptocurrency that was stored there. This is another confirmation that you need to leave the exchanges and invest in Vixes!


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