Weekly digest #39

17 Nov 2020

Published by Vixes

📣 The 39th week of our mining farm's work has come to an end and we welcome you at the weekly review from Vixes. We have prepared a weekly digest from which you will learn about the results of the company's work over the past week, as well as about the main events in the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology market.


⚡️ Farm works: 273 days

⚡️ Miners: 177,736

⚡️ Invested: $ 949,611

💶 Income up to: 819%


❤️ Join Vixes - the largest company in the cryptocurrency mining market! More than 177,000 miners are working with us! 💸 In 9 months they earned more than $ 600,000 - more than $ 596,000 by cryptocurrency mining and more than $ 13,000 by completing Company Promotion tasks.


🔥 We are constantly developing and offering the best conditions on the market. You earn when investing in Vixes!



🌍 Important events happened this week that we must mention in our weekly report. They have greatly influenced the behavior of the community.


🚀 For the first time since January 2018, the Bitcoin rate has risen above $ 16,000! The maximum price of the first cryptocurrency reached $ 16,500! The Bitcoin rate is growing and it becomes even more profitable to mine it now.


✅ A planned hard fork took place on the Bitcoin Cash network. The BCHN client inherited the BCH ticker because the vast majority of the community members supported it.


❕ And nobody expected the hard fork on the Ethereum network, as did the developers themselves. However, it happened unwittingly due to a network failure. The bug has been fixed but it is worth paying close attention to solving such errors.


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