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01 Jan 2021

Published by Aura-Capital

At first Wishing all of you a happy, healthy New Year from Aura-Capital team. Hope everyone is safe and sound in this Covid-19 pandemic.

Our announced holiday is about to over and in the meantime we have prepared a roadmap for 2021. Under this roadmap we have undertaken some long term development plans and gradually all the plans will be implemented. One of which is that we are making changes to the investment plan that will help us to make a stable profit and rule in this competitive market. You will be happy to know that from now on our investment plans has no deposit limit that means you can make deposit as many times as you want. The new investment plans have been decided very prudently so there is no chance of any future crisis. Our professional team monitors the market all the time and makes profit accordingly to that. New Investment plans are given below :

1. Daily 1.50%
 Minimum amount $20
 Maximum amount $1,499
 Working period 30 business days
 Deposit refund YES
 Payment days Mon-Fri 

2. Daily 1.80% 
Minimum amount $1,500
Maximum amount $4,999
Working period 25 business days
Deposit refund YES
Payment days Mon-Fri 

3. Daily 2.30%
Minimum amount $5,000
Maximum amount $14,999
Working period 35 days
Deposit refund YES
Payment days Mon-Fri

4. Daily 2.50% 
Minimum amount $15,000
Maximum amount is Unlimited.
Working time 40 days
Deposit refund YES
Payment days Mon-Fri

All the balance of investors will be reinvested for the first plan. Besides we have plans to add Bitcoin payment processor at a fixed rate of $23,000. In future the other crypto currencies will be added gradually. Right now we have 10000+ registered accounts, to handle the huge load on the server we also have a plan to upgrade the server by 6th January. In coming day, we are planning to change the template with user friendly and attractive design and improvement of our referral program. All the plans will be implemented gradually to maintain the stability of the Aura-capital. Thanks to all of you for being with us. Take care and be safe with your family.



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