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07 Feb 2021

Published by Finacrypto

Your account security is our top priority! As such, improving and adding more ways to implement safeguards will always help to ensure that all investors are better protected.

Today we are rolling out a few additional methods to secure your account against unauthorized access and to ensure that you are the only person who can perform certain actions such as withdrawing funds or updating your account profile.

Two-Factor Authentication. The Most secure option

Two-Factor Authentication is a simple yet most effective way to strengthen the security of your account by adding an additional layer of protection to unauthorized logins, withdrawals and account profile changes. It requires an authenticator app which is usually installed on a smartphone that generates a 6 digit passcode. Once enabled and configured, each time you sign in or withdraw funds you will be asked to provide a security code generated by the 2FA mobile app.

2FA Email. Moderately secure

2FA Email option can be used as a moderately secure alternative to the Two-Factor Authentication. Once enabled, each time you withdraw funds or update your profile details, you will be asked to provide a randomly generated security code sent to your email address.

Secondary Password. Least secure

Secondary Password function can be used as a less secure alternative to Two-Factor Authentication to protect your withdrawal requests and profile updates. Please use this method only in cases when Two-Factor Authentication using a mobile app is unavailable.

Any of these extra security options can be activated by visiting the profile section in your account area or simply by selecting the Account Security icon from the top right menu.

Keep your account safe and remember, FinaCrypto personnel will never ask for your password.

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