257 days, Crypto Faucet, S7-Token and another updates

22 Mar 2021

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Hello dear partners!
Yesterday - March 21, 2021, we've reached 257 days of successrful service, so we'd like to share with you a monthly updates changelog.

March 22 monthly updates changelog version 0.9.99987b (257 days):

A tremendous amount of work has been done, many changes and improvements have been made, as well as many minor bugs and comments that found during testing of previous updates have been fixed.

Below you will find all the detailed information about the platform's improvements that have been introduced over the last month.

The crypto faucet has been fully completed:
All its bugs have been fixed, and wide variety of crypto-coins have been added, and now available for request including our S7-Token, with the ability to receive absolutely free up to 7777 BTC Satoshi per one request!
Added statistics of use the crypto faucet

For more information, see the FAQ - Crypto Faucet Questions.

The S7-Token and the possibility of investing with the internal account balance using our S7-coins and the loyality program have been launched at the platform - with the accrual of dividends for keep storing the S7-coins on your account up to 0.7% daily and 7% weekly of extra income additionally to your deposit profit, regardless on the balance or on deposits.

For more information, see the FAQ - S7-Token Questions.

The interface has been improved and accelerated, all pages, making a deposit, withdrawing funds, and etc have been updated and brought to a common and faster view.
Also, the interface of registration procedure has been improved and much simplified.

In the next iterations of updates...
Right now we're working on design a new investment offers that will be available to S7-token holders only , in order to get the most out of storage and investment with our S7-coins.
As well, special investment offers will soon be available for S7-coin holders, that stored their coins for more than 70 days - for the most loyal investors we provide the best conditions on the investment market.

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