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16 Jun 2023

I will no longer manage ISA, which was one of the best hyip monitors few years ago - while I had enough time.

And you? Do you have enough time to try out your manager skills?


If your reason to buy is "earn money", then this is not for you. You have to have bigger goal (read below), then money comes as side effect.


I can tell you, that I was succesfull with ISA because I wanted to create fair play in the hyip industry. Hyip and monitor admins were, and still are lying. ISA was an island where I was able to chat with many investors who were searching for true information and a leader to talk/clarify/help. Since the market has changed a lot and me too, my attention serves something else nowadays, so I decided to sell ISA.


The good thing is, you can raise ISA again to top level if you know how to achieve this goal. You must have outstanding endurance and time to reach it. How much can you earn? A lot, the limit is you.


- ISA is written in Lara, which is highly customizable. No ioncube like at Goldcoders.

- The chat module comes from Arrowchat (it can be public or just for registered members).

- ISA has insurance module as well, where you can handle insurance requests autmatically if it is enabled.

- Linked to Cloduflare (I can show the traffic from countries), the server is hired at Contabo (€11 monthly)

- Everything is ready, just the passwords are needed to start raising ISA again :)


The target price is 5 ETH.


Reach me on Telegram:





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