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29 Apr 2020

Published by Stakedwallet

Growth Of Stake
Many have asked us about what is the mysterious Growth Of Stake technology that was mentioned in our Road Map. 
We’ve been keeping it secret and now it’s time we told you the truth about this GoS Technology. Actually, this technology can help you make up to 2% a day!

So, let’s get started!



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You are right. I think most of us thought that it will be decent project mainly thanks to low daily earnings and earning model. But the problem started when principals had to be enabled to withdraw - after 30 days. It is possible that the admin received enough money and scam us at the first opportunity when he had to give us something back - rather nothing than something. "Nice character".

ISA, joined: 22-02-20

Published 07 May 20 06:15

Stakedwallet is SCAM now, so the only what was growth: The money in the admins wallet.

Kerstin, joined: 08-04-20

Published 06 May 20 01:13