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04 May 2020

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We did it again! The Uniex mining farm is operating for more than 35 days after the global upgrade and has alreay brought profit to each partner who joined us on the first day after the launch of Uniex 2.0. At the same time investors of the company received an income of up to 245%! We are pleased to see that you greatly appreciated our efforts to improve the farm. Uniex are the only ones who can provide each community member with the fairest and largest profit among all mining farms. Name at least one mining that offers more. You can't? Because you don't have them!


In total our farm worked for more than 289 days and brought investors a return on investment of up to 2025%. Are you still sharing your profit with other mining companies that earn on us? Look at our indicators and calculate how much money you brought to them instead of putting them in your wallet!


We are ready to accept everyone who wants to get fair profit and earn money. Are you not with us yet? Then we are waiting for you!

Wake up, Neo ... Follow Uniex.



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