Vixes creates a new ASIC miner

04 May 2020

Published by Vixes

👋 Hello, friends. We have prepared great news for you! As you know, the cryptocurrency mining complexity is constantly growing and those who have more powerful and economical devices have an advantage. We want to take advantage of this. 💬 We thought: “But what if we continue to work on increasing power but at the same time significantly reduce energy costs? In this case, we will get an ASIC miner that is not inferior to competitors in terms of power, but economically more profitable”! After conducting a series of studies of purchased equipment we have developed methods to reduce energy consumption. However, we needed a partner who could implement these ideas.


📄 That is why we have combined our efforts with the Bitmain mining equipment manufacturer. This is a reliable partner who needed support after the release of the unsuccessful Antminer 17 series. 💪 We have already concluded a joint cooperation agreement to create an ASIC miner that will be more powerful than its current counterparts and at the same time will be less energy-consuming. Currently, a new ASIC miner is being developed now.


As one of the largest partners purchasing equipment from this company we proposed to jointly develop a new ASIC miner which will take into account design corrections and improve parameters. If the Antminer S19 Pro which appeared on the market at the end of March this year boasts a hash rate of 110 TH/s, our new joint development will have a power of 135 TH/s which is 22.7% higher. But this is not the most important advantage of the new miner. Electricity consumption will be reduced by 33%. ✅ We expect the test version to appear by October 2020, and mass release will be possible in January 2021.


⚡️ Vixes considers it his calling to discover new heights and develop cryptocurrency mining, making it more profitable for each business partner.



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