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05 May 2020

Published by Logus

In two months we managed to:


- Significantly improve marketing (profitability at startup 1%-2%, now it is 2%-3%);


- Implement the function of hashrate selling. At any time, you can sell hashrate and take back the invested funds which allows you to reach payback period in 7-10 days;


- Launch the “Prize Hunter” indefinite campaign in which you can get prizes up to $ 3,000 every day! Amount of maximum winnings without making a deposit is $ 50);


- Due to the ability of hashrate selling, users can choose how to use referral rewards: receive larger daily returns or sell hashrate and withdraw profits in USD.


We have long-term development plans for the company and are constantly working to expand the platform’s functionality. Join us and use the possibilities of Logus to the maximum!



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