100 days of work🎁

25 May 2020

Published by Vixes

Vixes celebrates the 100 days of work🎁 🎆 Today we celebrate 100 days of our company operation so we decided to prepare a pleasant surprise for you. We run an advertising campaign and provide a discount for the purchase of mining power in the amount of 10%. ❤️ During the promotion all mining power becomes 10% cheaper. You can buy more power!


💪 The figure of 100 days of work is significant for us, because enough time has passed to sum up the first results of the work. It is customary to draw conclusions after 100 days of work in the world practice so we will follow this wonderful tradition.


💥 Over this period, over 70,000 miners have joined us. Each of you has the opportunity to profitably obtain the desired cryptocurrency from among the available ones. We have implemented the possibility of mining for three algorithms, allowing our partners to choose a currency convenient for mining from a large list. 😱 The profitability of each miner amounted to 300%💶 . There are no analogues in the mining world that allow you to receive such income for such a short period of time and are not expected in the near future.


📣 The company raised almost $ 300,000 of investment which allowed us to update the equipment in a timely manner, preserving the profitability of mining and organize this wonderful promotion for you at a discount. 🎊 We want each of you to take full advantage of this offer and share the joy of celebration with us. 100 days of Vixes work is just the beginning of a long and successful company operation, organized by a group of Australian enthusiasts who believe that they can change the world.



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