New ASIC miners & bigger hashrate

01 Jun 2020

Published by Vixes

Hey, guys. Do you know what is stored in these boxes? New ASIC miners are there. They are waiting in the wings to increase the hashrate of our mining farm and leave competitors far behind. We already unpacked the boxes delivered to us and began to assemble the stands. This means that in the coming days at our mining farm there will be more free power for mining. When everything is ready, we will share a video review in which we will show the process of connecting new ASIC miners and the operation of the equipment.


You have not invested in Uniex yet? Then it's time to do it. You really want to try out how this equipment produces cryptocurrency personally for you? Invest now and buy power while the discount is available! The equipment will be connected and put into operation within a few days. Short broadcast shutdowns are possible during the upgrade of our mining farm.


Uniex is absorbing the mining market. It has become possible thanks to each of you. We have provided you with a fair profit that no one else gives. Take advantage of this offer and earn. Let your money work for you!



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