Brand Destiny Ltd.

Plans: 1.2-2.1% daily for 15-60 business days, principal back

Investment: 120 | 54%
Min.deposit: 10
Withdrawal: Manual
Lifetime: 247 days
Monitored: 44 days
Last payout: 22/May/15
Bad votes: 0
Verified: 0
Status Not Paying
Referral: 4-2%

Details Brand Destiny Ltd.

Brand Destiny (BD) has purchased Premium listing with 20-days insurance, worth 350$. It's a newly redesigned sleeper with lot of newly purchased listings.
This project slept quite long and was continuously promoted by smart guys in various hyip sources. As a result it was able to survive many negative events in the industry - and now (why now?) it is awaken, the campaign has already started.

1) 1.2% daily for 15, deposit: $10-300, ROI: 118%
2) 1.5% daily for 30, deposit: $301-1k, ROI: 145%
3) 1.8% daily for 45, deposit: $1k-5k, ROI: 181%
4) 2.1% daily for 60, deposit: $5k-30k, ROI: 226%

Of course the last plan is not for us ;)

+ trusted admin
+ good visibility on monitors + highly promoted by supporters
+ nice FAQ page
+ active social buttons
+ nice design of notification emails

- empty News page
- Rating page is not updated by 3rd-round monitors
- manual payments (max 24h)

Why were needed 3rd-round monitors, like ISA or DN? Because the 2nd-round monitors weren't able to deliver good results? We are also not able, because all smart players are already in thanks to supporters, who are active in biggest hyip sources. Or maybe visibility is just a prestige on mentioned monitors.
BD is a perfect choice to invest, but we don't have magic ball, can't predict the future. Invest only what you can afford to lose!

Update: CCM upgraded its position on MNO & DN (23/May)

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Payment Received in 20 minutes


Published 07 May 15 14:02

Top Project with a loooong running Time. Enjoy!


Published 07 May 15 13:46

The amount of 1.04 USD has been deposited to your Perfect Money account. Accounts: U6933704->U4888473. Memo: API Payment. Withdraw to pbhyipsinfo from Date: 10:34 07.05.15. Batch: 88977030.


Published 07 May 15 11:02

Payment Received

ISA, joined: 22-02-20

Published 07 May 15 00:00

Payment Received after 6 hours


Published 06 May 15 00:14

Got paid twice today. Thanks, Admin.


Published 05 May 15 12:43

Payment Received


Published 02 May 15 00:02

Payment Received

ISA, joined: 22-02-20

Published 02 May 15 00:00

Payment Received

ISA, joined: 22-02-20

Published 01 May 15 00:00

Payment Received


Published 30 Apr 15 18:58

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