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11 Jun 2020

Published by Vixes

📣 Creating Vixes we carefully studied the mining market and responsibly approached the development of our company creating excellent conditions for each miner to earn money both individually and as a team. We are well aware that the mining market is subject to high volatility that is why investors need stability and a guarantee of results. We set an aim on providing these conditions for mining with Vixes. This turned out to be exactly the point that our partners needed for comfortable cooperation.


💶 We have created conditions that allow partners to earn extra profit by inviting their friends. 💶 Also, absolutely every partner can earn more by taking an active part in the advertising campaign named "Company promotion". Each member of our community participates in the development of our mining farm and contributes. It is thanks to you we occupy a leading positions and earn when competitors are forced to leave the market.


😱 As a result, over 118 days we have gathered a community in which more than 83,000 miners earn. 💪 On average, around 900 new members join the Vixes community daily. We grow and develop thanks to your support. 🏪 At the moment, preparations for the launch of the second mining hall in Northern Europe are underway. This will allow us to diversify the risks, increase the hash rate, as well as increase the reliability and stability of profit.


😉 Together we are Vixes! Join us, invest in a stable, reliable and profitable cryptocurrency mining and bring new partners with you. ⚡️ The more members in the Vixes community, the stronger it is!



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