11 business days behind!

13 Jun 2020

Published by POSTUL-TRADE

We are pleased to welcome each of our partners and all readers on the pages of our news block. An incredibly important stage has been passed on the path of development of our company. 11 business days have passed. During this period, the Daily plan brought in revenue of 122%, Halves - 133% and After plan brought 144% of deposits. And that’s in just 11 days! Investing in Postul Trade is safe and profitable.


Postul Trade is a company that allows partners to earn money quickly and reliably! After analyzing the investment market when developing our investment platform we decided to choose a marketing that allows you to make a profit as soon as possible. Investors must earn! That is why we created Postul Trade and are developing our company every day.


We got the first grateful investors who support us. 94% of the partners who made a profit invested again. 78% of them increased the initial investment amount. This suggests that making money with Postul Trade is really profitable and safe. No pitfalls and additional costs. Only a successful business model and focus on results.


Make the right decision - invest in Postul Trade. It's time for the right decisions with Postul!



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