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26 Jun 2020

Published by Uniex.biz

Over the past few days the Ethereum network has been overloaded with a large number of transactions with small amounts. Because of this the network fee and the time required to process transactions have significantly increased. After analyzing of the problem it become known the main reason of the network overloading were mining pools sending miners rewards in small quantities.


Imagine the situation from the miners side. You get a reward for each block found and this reward is relatively small for you. Rarely does it exceed $ 10. Mostly these are transactions that amount about $ 1. At the same time, you pay a commission and wait a long time for a transfer. The whole network suffers. Do you want your efforts to be in vain and most of the earned amount from mining went to pay a commission for the transfer of funds? In this case, you can continue to work further with mining pools.


Uniex offers each of its partners a personal account in which each miner can choose the currency that he can mine and manage his earnings independently deciding when to withdraw profits and how much should be withdrawn. We have created an advanced mining concept that provides advanced conditions for cryptocurrency mining.


While you mine cents directing the power of your equipment for mining cryptocurrency in pools our partners purchase equipment located on a mining farm and earn up to 7% per day.



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