⚡️ Save mining profitability after Bitcoin halving

29 Apr 2020

Published by Vixes

😏 A week ago, we warned you that due to the increasing of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies mining complexity, small miners will be forced to cooperate with large companies or leave the mining market. Did you doubt? In vain! The same opinion is shared by The Block news agency. Its employees are convinced that reducing the block reward by half will force many small miners to leave the market.


The founders and owners of the leading mining pools also argue that Bitcoin halving will force small miners to turn off their devices because mining will become unprofitable for them. Mining at home is a thing of the past!

♨️ Cryptocurrency mining is beneficial only for large mining farms, including Vixes now.


⌛️ Bitcoin halving is expected to take place on May 12. You have about two weeks left to make a decision. Either you are with us and remain in the game, or you leave the market. This is a business. Here they do not leave a chance for weakness. Join us today and start earning on favorable terms right now or you will have no choice and you will join Vixes in May.

🔥 You want to make money on mining, aren't you?



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