Plans: 3-12% daily (+0.3% daily after 3 days) for 3-33 days (+principal)

Investment: 250
Min.deposit: 10
Withdrawal: Instant
Lifetime: 7 days
Monitored: 3 days
Last payout: 27/Apr/16
Bad votes: 0
Verified: 0
Status Not Paying
Referral: 3%

Details Pro3

With more than 10-years’ experience in Forex trading, Pro3 company is focused on continuous development and staff increase. Currently, we employ about 100 professionals. At Pro3, we are committed to maintaining our leadership position. Pro3 is an innovative investment program built around number 3. Numbers play an important role in our lives: while some people rely on horoscopes, others wait for a predicted event to happen on a certain date. In our work, we decided to use a simple number 3. The formulae we use to analyze Forex market are based on number 3. High (up to 99.3%) accuracy of analysis allows us to secure impressive returns for our investors. We are trying to adjust or completely change various business models to fit this number.

Pro3 has purchased Reserved 5-star listing on 24/April. The insurance is active in next 20 days ($500 PM)

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page offline


Published 27 Apr 16 07:14

Referral commissions - instant payments 9$ (PY, PM)

ISA, joined: 22-02-20

Published 27 Apr 16 00:00

I m 2 days in the Programm and got 2 times paid


Published 26 Apr 16 21:48

#Pro3 is a really good page!


Published 26 Apr 16 16:41

Thanks for Refback Michael


Published 26 Apr 16 13:41

first impression very good, hope admin knows what he is doing :)


Published 26 Apr 16 13:33

Referral commissions - instant payments - 10.5$ (PM, PY)

ISA, joined: 22-02-20

Published 26 Apr 16 00:00

Looks almost too good. Always balance good judgement vs. greed.


Published 25 Apr 16 19:11

First payment received, thanks.


Published 25 Apr 16 15:29

Referral commission - instant payment 17.7$ (PM)

ISA, joined: 22-02-20

Published 25 Apr 16 00:00

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